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  • You have a physical relationship between the two data (the women) so you can use a paired t-test. If there’s no relationship, then you must use a 2-sample t-test. With all statistics, randomness of sampling is assumed.

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  • yes, you are right and fair enough. Let me give some more info and maybe someone will answer.
    The sample comes from a dataset available in the Minitab Sample Data folder named “Pulse1″.
    If we consider only the ‘resting pulse rate’ data for each woman, I would use a paired test because for each woman we have two resting pulse rates. The result of…[Read more]

  • This is a very good model, however today’s environment of service industry is challenging and only one model may not fit. We have to develop hybrid models from BPMS, Process Maturity, Six Sigma and Business […]

  • Run a Google search on the term – you will get the phone book.

    Here are the first three that popped up after I typed in the term




  • Sounds like homework – tell us what you think and why and someone will probably be willing to offer suggestions.

  • Which test would you use for the following scenario and why?

    Data for 11 women. Each woman took her resting pulse rate, then ran in place for one minute, then took her pulse again. In addition, whether or not the woman smokes regularly was recorded, using 1 = yes and 2 = no

  • I came across a new term ‘Organic growth strategy’. I am new to this. Is there anyone aware to this terms and its importance? Is this a part responsibility of hired strategic consulting firm?

  • Lean and/or Six Sigma Lean applications in healthcare industry require the understanding of using tools and application of methodologies to translate the benefits to the people responsible for patient care. If applied with right strategy, the improvements are endless.By using Lean Six Sigma, Hospitals have improved patients’ satisfaction by 50%.

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