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  • First of all I think You should define the specification as a customer and provide some samples of minor and major failures to make sure that the operators are “calibrated” properly.

    Try to avoid subjective specifications and try to come up a measurable characteristic of major and minor failures (area, distance, etc.)

    Then please verify if…[Read more]

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  • Hi,I am trying to do a project on implementation of six sigma methodology in any it based industry.Could any of them explain me on how to work on that project.

  • Beside downtime You could also measure time between failures to get continuous data…

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  • Not sure what is the hypothesis that you want to test?

    My suggestion is first write an alternate hypothesis and then see what kind of data would you need to test that. Starting with just any data and trying to fit it into the hypothesis test tool which you want to use is not the correct way to proceed.

    I may be able to add more value if you…[Read more]

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  • One will never know about why Ford chose to start using aluminum for their bodies but a few big drivers hint at why they chose this route.

    1. CAFE fuel standards are driving manufacturers in the USA to constantly improve fuel economy.

    2. Cost competitiveness vs competition is important

    3. Marketing is also a consideration. I’m still puzzled…[Read more]

  • Population statistics are rarely used. Remember you sample because of time and expense and use the sample to represent with X% confidence interval where the population mean and standard deviation exists….assuming normal distribution with this input.

    When one samples, one typically never knows the number for the population. This hint should…[Read more]

  • Why would you want to do as you requested?

    The more important thing is to quantify lost time (not frequency) and pareto causes with the most impact of time and attack the causes one by one.

    My two cents.

  • Hello everybody, I have a question about manage data, I hope someone can help me
    I have some data about quantity of stops (breakdown) in one machine measured in the same period of time every one (4 production hours) example:

    Production time…[Read more]

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