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Manufacturing Consultants

Manufacturing Consultants

  • Manufacturing

    • Abidian
      Guidance in the implementation of Lean, Six Sigma, maintenance excellence, and total productive maintenance and manufacturing.
    • Advanced Systems Consultants
      Consulting for manufacturing, production and fabrication organizations.
    • Air Academy Associates
      Six Sigma consulting services and training in multiple fields including manufacturing, biomedical, computer, electronics and the service sector.
    • Aslinger & Associates
      Lean and Six Sigma consultants and trainers.
    • Blom Consultancy
      European consultancy specialized in full-scale planning and implementation support of world class manufacturing (WCM) programs such as TPM, EFQM, Kaizen, TQM, Six Sigma, JIT and Lean manufacturing.
    • Business Basics, LLC
      Competitive manufacturing e-knowledge for personal and company success.
    • Calyptus Consulting Group, Inc.
      Supply management training, consulting and process improvement.
    • Carlo Scodanibbio
      Consulting and training services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the project, manufacturing and service sectors.
    • Crescent Consulting Inc.
      Specialize in Lean manufacturing techniques, business transformation and IT solutions.
    • Delta Concepts Consulting Group
      Provides organizations with a foundation for change through an aligned and supportive workforce.
    • EMS Consulting Group
      Lean manufacturing consultants providing training and consulting services including Kaizen event facilitation.
    • FlowVision
      Provider of Lean and flow services in manufacturing and office areas.
    • HPK Group
      Provides strategic planning, TOC (Theory of Constraints), and Lean process technology services to manufacturing, distribution and hospital clients.
    • IDCON, INC
      Education, training, and implementation of preventive maintenance, planning and scheduling, RCFA and more.
    • IICT Enterprises LLC
      Provides calibration and inspection training and consulting.
    • Improvium
      Supply chain, manufacturing excellence consultancy and training.
    • J.G. Noguera & Associates
      Specializing in Six Sigma quality and providing consulting and training services.
    • Juran Institute
      Provides consulting and training in Six Sigma, Baldrige, BPM, Kaizen and change management. Offers software and e-learning to support initiatives in all industries.
    • KAIZEN LEAN Advisors Inc.
      Coaching and training for Lean implementation.
    • Key Performance
      Training, consulting and project staffing in Six Sigma, Lean, business analysis, project management, change management, Agile, BPM, Lean and quality tools.
    • Leadership Excellence International, Inc.
      Provides Lean manufacturing services.
    • Lean Manufacturing & Resourcing
      Lean manufacturing consultancy providing training services in the UK.
    • Lean Solutions Group, LLC
      Six Sigma Lean consultants providing Six Sigma/Lean education and training to manufacturers and service organizations.
    • Low Volume Lean
      Toyota-trained specialists providing assistance with high variation/low volume small- to medium-sized manufacturers, service companies and job shops.
    • MechSigma Consulting
      Specializes in integrating Six Sigma dimensioning and tolerancing into your mechanical design process.
    • MORA, Consulting and Marketing
      Bilingual Lean manufacturing training for Spanish speaking workforce.
    • P2 Planning for Profitability
      Specializes in helping companies realize results quicker through creating growth opportunities and reducing expenses while accelerating cash flow.
    • Performa
      Manufacturing consulting firm focused on creating high performance environments by linking people, process and place with business strategy.
    • Process Solutions International
      Providers of business process 4eengineering, Lean/Kaizen, Six Sigma, DFSS, project management, teambuilding and facilitation.
    • Quality Associates International
      Quality and reliability processes, Lean product development leadership and supply chain management services.
    • Quality Manufacturing Associates
      Consultation and training services to improve quality and productivity.
    • Rath & Strong
      Consulting and training in Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma, business process redesign, change management and leadership.
    • SQA Services, Inc.
      Specializes in quality and manufacturing consulting, auditing and inspection services.
    • Strategos, Inc.
      Information, tools, training and consulting for Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, TQM and related techniques.
    • TGG
      Management consultants in Lean Six Sigma with special focus in transactional applications
    • The Cumberland Group
      Process improvement of products, services and relationships.
    • Unitek Technical Services
      Quality, procurement and technical services on a global basis.
    • University at Buffalo Center for Industrial Effectiveness
      Consulting and professional education services in Six Sigma, Lean and Change Management
    • Vine Management Systems
      ISO management systems consulting company with focus on manufacturing organizations.
    • Wyrick Enterprises
      Training and consulting services in Lean and Kaizen.
    • Zentec
      Lean manufacturing consultants and trainers throughout Europe.
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