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  • @itsmi – The reason that my friend @cseider suggests doing some analysis on the effects of the X’s (the independent parameters that you set or possibly affect the output) on the Y(‘s) is two fold. 1) To see if they really do have some effect. 2) To see at what level of change they have a significant effect. For example, you mention humidity. …[Read more]

  • @cseider – I’m shocked! ;-)

  • @venu_creative – To the excellent response by @rbutler I would add that if you can establish that Y=f(x’s) equation, you can use partial differentials to identify the influence of the x’s in comparison to the others.

  • @cseider – CrystalBall is a much better MonteCarlo simulator.

  • @Johnnynita – for crying out loud, this is a classic training problem. Do you really want us to answer your homework problem?

    I’m surprised my friend @cseider even offers an opinion other than to chastise you to do your own homework.

  • @liamocol – are you using enough decimal places?

  • @7sigma – I would expect that this has more to do with the culture of the organization. Those that are used to change will find it less of a problem than those that change infrequently.

  • @wchepul – You also will need to evaluate the level of non-conformance and the risk you will accept in not being able to estimate “closely enough” to the actual level.

    Look at it this way, if you have 50% defective, it won’t take very many samples to identify an estimate on the overall population defect rate (within some acceptable predictive…[Read more]

  • Hey, Z: Not sure if you are still looking for some help on this, but I’d check into using a Chi square.

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic OEE / OPE in the forum Manufacturing 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    Kenneth: Look at the components of OEE and do a Pareto analysis on the machines and fault codes/reasons for being less than 100%. That will at least give you a target list for improvement opportunities. At that point, you can use a cost/benefit type analysis to determine whether to attack that issue or not.

  • @Mike-Carnell – I suppose offering my house as a “learning lab” would be too selfish?

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic OEE / OPE in the forum Manufacturing 1 month ago

    @Mike-Carnell – There you go, trying to make sense. ;-)

  • @Gabriel – It’s not just measurement, it’s paying attention.

  • Hey, will you guys do my homework for me as well? I’m too lazy to think for myself.

  • @cseider – or youtube? And who called you Alec?

  • @Elvin – GR&R is normally done on measurements being done by operators that are used to determine part/product acceptability or are used to “tune” the settings used to make acceptable product. For these measurements that you are taking as observers, while a GR&R would be good, it may be more than you really need (with all due respect to my friend…[Read more]

  • @padmanshu don’t listen to @prashanthst – FMEA is a prevention tool. You can use a cause/effect matrix to identify strengths of effect and importance.

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic Who Is the Customer? in the forum Healthcare 1 month, 1 week ago

    @Hmsinan – you first need to look at the system that you are working with, and what outcomes of that system that you are looking to improve. You’ll then need to identify who is affected, who needs to approve, and who needs to be informed – each of these groups is a customer in one sense or another, and each will have some needs (some more…[Read more]

  • @rbutler – thanks for taking the time to describe why DOE isn’t appropriate. Not sure where some of this advice comes from.

    @DEM1 – assuming this isn’t a homework problem, you might want to look into a Chi-square test.

  • Tim: Are these 5 pins go/no-go gauges? If so, then you aren’t doing a GRR, but need to verify that they are all correct measurements. You might need to do a discrete GRR and judge agreement among the operators using the tools.

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