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  • @7sigma – I agree with Don that there’s really not such an animal (at least that I’ve come across). If you use Minitab, then a good reference that takes you through using Minitab to address problems is “Lean Six Sigma and Minitab: The Complete Toolbox Guide for All Lean Six Sigma Practitioners” by Quentin Brook. I have no relationship with the…[Read more]

  • @olympiac – thank you for fessing up on this being a homework problem. Robert has given you great advice (as is always the case). That said, I’m surprised that he didn’t mention that a paired t always has a “before” case paired with an “after” case.

  • @Straydog – What is the leverage point? If they could do one thing better/faster/cheaper it would make a difference. Likely, with volunteers, getting them engaged and actually doing something instead of looking for direction is going to be high on that list. Signage, maybe a brief video explaining how the operation works (or even specific tasks…[Read more]

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic Big Non-Normal Data in the forum General 1 week, 5 days ago

    @tejasbangre – If you are using CMM data, are you measuring the same part number numerous times at defined locations? If so, then as my buddy Chris says, stratify the data by part number and location.

    If you don’t have that ability, can you take a delta of the actual measurement vs. the ideal state?

    2000+ data points isn’t “huge.” Depending…[Read more]

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic FTY=e-DPU in the forum Methodology 1 week, 6 days ago

    @rbutler – Good one, Robert. You’re getting punnier, and punnier all the time!

    @cseider – One of the more bizzaro sitcoms – even for its day. Seriously, the lift to weight ratio for a habit that size would at best lift a midget, I don’t care how little Sally Field weighed. And no vertical stabilizers? Please, totally aerodynamically…[Read more]

  • @sargunaduraid – evidently there are lots of newbies who like to do homework. They probably have as much competence in the situation as do you. Take their guidance with caution.

    @cseider – why didn’t you warn me about this one?

  • @nairakb – while there obviously are some on this forum who have a need to show how smart they seem to be (emphasis on SEEM), most of those of us who do know something about this stuff don’t do homework. So posting it here, and then imploring us to do it for you, isn’t going to get much response.

    IF you post your query, then posit a solution…[Read more]

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic Customer Point of View in the forum General 1 week, 6 days ago

    @cseider – Without a doubt.

    @tsterns21 – We don’t do homework.

  • @harshal – Since this looks like a transactional process, I would take one specific form or customer activity and map it from end to end identifying queues, defect creation, hand-offs, approvals, etc. and quantifying times, queue levels, actual work per activity vs. wait times, whether the work is done in batches, serially, in parallel, etc. That…[Read more]

  • @BMGIIndia1 – if you are trying to be ironic, it doesn’t seem to have translated very well.

  • @speed1016 – I agree wholeheartedly with my friend @cseider that your trainers are very poor and this is a poorly crafted question. That said, we also don’t do homework, so if you’d like to posit an answer and rationale, or even how you would approach the solution, we’ll likely give you feedback and guidance.

  • @abdullahishtiaq – start with what the customer is trying to accomplish.

  • @zankhanab – these seem to be homework questions. Please do your own work. If you are unsure of your answer, post it here with your rationale and we MAY provide guidance. We don’t do homework.

  • The residuals for the corners are all perfectly zero. That doesn’t happen in reality. If that’s a real system, then I would say that your measurement tools are inadequate.

  • @rbutler – This is clearly a homework problem. The residuals for the corner points are zero but non-zero for the centerpoints.

    Vincent – Please don’t waste our time by posting your homework problems here. If you need help, then post the problem and your proposed solution and rationale for that solution and we MAY provide you a response.

  • MBBinWI replied to the topic Certification in the forum Training 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    @Joe-Fomby – and even certification with a project is not going to get you very far. You need experience – either job/career experience, or multiple projects. CI requires experience so that you can put things in context.

  • @cseider – depends. If they were totally defensive, then there would never be any contact. ;-)

  • @cseider – correctamundo! Does the reading vary if the connection isn’t made quite right? If the operator has to set up the item, do they get the setup slightly different that affects the readings? Lots of ways that even when the operator isn’t directly involved in taking the measurements, how they set up the measurements/tool can impact the…[Read more]

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