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Six Sigma Software

Six Sigma Software

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Minitab® 17

Minitab® 17 is the leading statistical software package used for quality improvement worldwide.

Quality Companion by Minitab®

Quality Companion by Minitab® provides everything you need to manage improvement projects in one application, with integrated tools and expert guidance at every step.

Quality Trainer by Minitab™

Quality Trainer by Minitab™ provides convenient, subscription-based e-learning on applying quality improvement statistics using Minitab.

  • Software Providers

    • 6Sigma
      Web-based Six Sigma enterprise quality management solutions.
    • Analyse-it
      Statistical analysis software for Microsoft Excel, including histograms, linear and polynomial regression, ANOVA, chi-square and more.
    • Apogee
      Software tool for performing sensitivity analysis, Monte Carlo analysis, statistical allocation, and multi-objective optimization for enhanced product development and DFSS.
    • BaRaN Systems
      Quality control software and add-ins, such as Six Sigma, TQM and statistical quality control for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and Lotus 1.2.3 for Windows spreadsheets.
    • CHARTrunner
      SPC charting solution that performs statistical analysis on data that resides in other applications such as Excel, Access and Oracle.
    • ClearPoint Strategy
      A web-based scorecarding and dashboarding solution designed to help not-for-profit and government organizations manage their strategic plans, Balanced Scorecards, projects, performance goals, and leadership review meetings.
    • CorVu
      Provider of enterprise performance management solutions, offering information analysis capabilities.
    • Crucible
      Online testing module; can be integrated with Six Sigma training for pre-test, post-test and certification purposes.
    • DATAjogger
      Software to assist teams in improvement and Six Sigma projects.
    • DataLyzer International
      Datalyzer provides SPC Software, Gage Management Software, SPC Training and analysis software, and a Free Six Sigma Calculator.
    • Design-Expert
      Design of experiment software draws 3D response surface maps.
    • Develve
      Statistical software package for basic statistics, design of experiments and sample size calculations.
    • Dialog Strategy
      Freeware tools to help implement balanced scorecards.
    • DOE KISS
      create common designs with regression analysis.
    • e-Z Sigma
      Web-based portal for Six Sigma program and project management, including an integrated set of tools, training, references and roadmap.
    • EngineRoom Data Analysis Software
      Excel add-in that provides menu-driven access to Six Sigma data analysis tools and templates for each DMAIC step.
    • EnterpriseTrack
      End-to-end solution to streamline the managing, tracking, and reporting of Six Sigma projects, programs, people, benefits and strategies.
    • Everest
      Track and handle customer complaints and issues.
    • ExtendSim 7
      Simulation software for industry, government and academia.
    • Flow Charting 6
      Business software for flow charting, process mapping and quality improvement.
    • FlowBiz
      Database enabled flowchart program that integrates with the standard Microsoft suite to produce process models, diagrams and user-defined reports.
    • Graham Process Mapping
      Visual display of items involved in a process – what, where and when things are occurring, and who is involved.
    • i-nexus
      On-demand business execution software that enables global organizations to more consistently deliver on their promises.
    • iGrafx
      Suite of business management tools to help organizations understand, analyze and optimize processes.
    • Input Data AS
      Norwegian company providing document management of complex quality systems over an intranet.
    • isoTracker Document Control Software
      Cloud-based software for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 with document control, complaints management, audits, training, non-conformance and CAPA management.
    • JK Technologies
      Offers ISO 9000/14000 software solutions for corrective actions, document control, internal audits management, and control of nonconforming material.
    • JMP Statistical Discovery Software
      Statistical software package emphasizing graphical interactivity.
    • Mathcad
      Sofrware to calculate, graph and communicate technical ideas in a visual format.
    • Matrex
      DoE add-in for Microsoft Excel with a range of designs and analysis tools.
    • MedCalc
      Statistical program for biomedical research that includes Receiver Operating Characteristic curves (ROC curves) for test evaluation, Bland & Altman plot, and Passing and Bablok regression for method comparison, and quality control tools.
    • Mesa
      R&R add-in for Microsoft Excel with both standard R&R tools and those for Wheeler and Lyday.
    • Metastorm Suite
      Enterprise-wide process modeling environment to visualize, improve and implement business processes and systems.
    • MetricStream
      Monitor and manage supplier quality through metrics by viewing real-time information across the enterprise.
    • Minitab Statistical Software
      Statistical data analysis package for quality improvement, DOE, Gage R&R, general statistics and more.
    • Mipsis
      Capability to plan inspection based on past inspection results; calculates PPM rates and more.
    • MTES
      Program to create a Six Sigma balanced scorecard.
    • Northwest Analytics
      Manufacturing Intelligence and SPC software to manage and improve manufacturing plant processes and supply chains.
    • Palisade Software
      Variety of decision making tools for analyzing risk in all areas of business and industry.
    • PowerSteering Software
      On-demand deployment management and project tracking software for Six Sigma, with tools for reporting, project selection, executive visibility and team productivity.
    • ProcessMA
      For statistical analysis, graphical analysis, process improvement, project management. DOE, hypothesis test, regression, process map, value stream, map, Gantt chart and more.
    • Production Quality Management System
      Establish Six Sigma production quality monitoring system.
    • Project KickStart
      Project planning software with templates.
    • ProModel
      Simulation software and services.
    • QFDcapture
      Quality function deployment (QFD) software for Six Sigma metrics, measuring customer satisfaction, business planning and product development research.
    • QI Macros SPC Software
      Six Sigma and SPC software that works in Microsoft Excel; control charts, histograms, DOE, QFD, fishbones and flowcharts.
    • Quality Gamebox
      Quality simulations and experiments.
    • ReliaSoft Corporation
      Software, training and professional services for reliability engineering and related fields.
    • SAS/STAT Software
      Statistical data analysis package including analysis of variance, regression, categorical data analysis, multivariate analysis, non parametric analysis and more.
    • Sight Software
      Process intelligence software that combines Six Sigma statistical tools with business intelligence applications.
    • SigmaFlow
      Software for Lean Six Sigma, project management, Sarbanes-Oxley, process improvement and governance, risk and compliance management.
    • SmartDraw
      Software for drawing flowcharts, process flow models, concept maps and BPM diagrams.
    • SPC XL
      Microsoft Excel add-in which adds statistical analysis features.
    • SQCpack EZ
      Create control charts, histograms and process capability analysis
    • STATGRAPHICS Centurion
      Statistical data analysis software for SPC, DOE, Gage R&R, statistical modeling, forecasting and more.
    • Symphony Technologies
      Software for SPC, MSA and FMEA.
    • TeamFlow
      A team-based process flowchart package combines process flowchart, Gantt chart, org chart, document management and full Internet capabilities.
    • TMSWeb
      Web-based solution designed for large organizations, companies with multiple sites, or companies whose IT strategy is thin client.
    • TRACtion
      Web-based solution for Six Sigma project management, tracking, and reporting.
    • TreeAge Pro
      Decision analysis software for cost-effectiveness analysis, risk analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, Markov analysis, influence diagrams and more.
    • VarTran Software
      Software for robust design and tolerance analysis.
    • WorkStudy+
      Portable solution for performing time studies and sampling.
    • XLSTAT
      Suite of data analysis and statistical tools for Microsoft Excel.
    • Zavanta
      Tool for standardizing processes, procedures and best practices.
  • SQCPack quality software
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