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Posts tagged "ITIL"

Posts Tagged ‘ITIL’

Career Advice for IT and Six Sigma Professionals

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ITIL and Six Sigma Make a Winning Combination for IT

The IT Infrastructure Library and Six Sigma have both been successfully employed to improve the quality of IT services. Many organizations are now coming to realize the value of combining the two to take advantage of each one’s strength.

Leverage ITIL and Six Sigma Together to Maximize Outcome

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Framework is a set of best practices that facilitate delivery of high quality IT services. Combined with Six Sigma, ITIL serves as a model that prompts organizations to use maximum synergy.

Meeting ITIL SLAs: MSA for Project Completion Time

Without a solid MSA, a software/IT manager could not tell with reasonable certainty if differences in completion times between projects were due to an inaccurate measurement system, or other, more meaningful factors that should be addressed.

Problem Management: Coordinating ITIL and Six Sigma

Applying both the Information Technology Infrastructure Library and Six Sigma to the many requirements businesses are considering information technology (IT) functions can help IT units provide the best value to their companies and their customers.

Roadmap for Integrating ITIL, CMMI and Lean Six Sigma

Business leaders who want to enjoy the benefits of the combined methodologies and frameworks of ITIL, CMMI and Six Sigma need a clear implementation roadmap — a roadmap that highlights the sequence of key tasks along the path of integration.

Software Survey: Six Sigma, ITIL Produce Fewest Discontinued Projects

In a recent biannual survey about software development project delivery, most developers who were contacted said they preferred to use the Agile model. However, the results showed that projects using measurement-based models, such as Six Sigma, ITIL or waterfall, were least likely to be discontinued.

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