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Posts tagged "tollgate review"

Posts Tagged ‘tollgate review’

Capturing Financial Benefits from Lean Manufacturing

Organizations are quick to adopt the Lean or Six Sigma religion, but management is sometimes underwhelmed with the bottom-line savings. What often gets lost is the discipline in tying activities to clearly defined and auditable financial results. There are several lessons that can be learned that can help organizations translate transparent intentions into visible financial results.

Implementation of Six Sigma Priority Matrixes and a Tollgate Process

Unfortunately, productivity measures sometimes end up in direct conflict with one another. Depending on the business structure each group may be told to proceed, even though their initiatives are contrary to the overall health of the company.

Improving Outbound Calling Conversion Rates

To improve the success of marketing phone calls to registered but unfunded customers, Internet betting exchange Betfair launched a Six Sigma project.

IT Development: Finding Balance Between Business and IT

Integrating a DFSS roadmap and SDLC methodologies into IT development enhances a company’s business focus while balancing customer needs and ensuring on time/on budget system delivery. Six Sigma assists an organization in measuring success with KPIs.

Reducing Waste on Chicken Nugget Line – Part 1 of 2

Kahiki Foods had extreme amounts of daily waste on their chicken nugget lines. The daily amount of waste on the line averaged 4,976 pounds – more than Kahiki’s two other major product lines combined.

Reducing Waste on Chicken Nugget Line – Part 2 of 2

This is Part Two of a two-part article about Kahiki Foods' extreme amounts of daily waste on their chicken nugget lines. Part Two follows the completion of the project – the Analyze, Improve and Control phases.

Six Sigma DMAIC Quick Reference

A reference guide to each tollgate in a DMAIC project.

Six Sigma DMAIC Roadmap

The Six Sigma methodology follows the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (DMAIC) roadmap for process improvement.

Six Sigma Software Development Case Study

This article illustrates the Six Sigma DMAIC process using an organization that develops software packages as an example.

Timeless Wisdom Can Keep Today’s Belts on Track

To ensure that a Six Sigma project resonates with the people involved, practitioners should consider advice about timing from sage leaders – both ancient and new.

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