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MONDAY, MARCH 02, 2015
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    I am confused as to how to obtain the FTY using a constant e-2.718 can someone enlighten me?


    FTY= e -DPU
    FTY=2.718 -0.3

    How did this get calculated? HELP!

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    Do some research on the Poisson equation, this site or elsewhere.

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    True, also needed a elaborated question. Self study here, will save you time.

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    I believe this formula is referring to RTY not FTY if memory serves, and obtaining it involves simply taking the natural log (e^x) of the negative dpu measure. – it took me three key strokes on the calculator.

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    just one state RTY=FTY if defect=0
    and as I know RTY= e -DPU when we would like to calculate as a short term but long term you should to multiplication every DPU for each process.

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    B Cox

    You probably already figured this out, but … The exercise to figure FTY uses an exponent for DPU, expressed as a negative. So your expression
    FTY= e (constant) -DPU (to the power expressed)
    FTY=2.718 -0.3 (power of negative .3)
    I don’t have a scientific calculator so I used Excel, where the formula is shown as “=POWER(2.718,-0.3)”

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    It’s RTY….not FTY.

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    ….well Chris, I suppose if the production line was moving really fast you might be able to get the product airborne in which case it would be flying and not rolling…. :-)

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    How about this kind of flying item?

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    @rbutler – Good one, Robert. You’re getting punnier, and punnier all the time!

    @cseider – One of the more bizzaro sitcoms – even for its day. Seriously, the lift to weight ratio for a habit that size would at best lift a midget, I don’t care how little Sally Field weighed. And no vertical stabilizers? Please, totally aerodynamically infeasible, totally unstable (but then, maybe that was a metaphor for Sally?).

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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