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Topic How should I calculate Final Yiel

How should I calculate Final Yiel

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    What’s the right formula to calculate the Final Yield for a process that have 3 stations and on each station I calculate a Final Yield:
    Station A:
    QTY manufactured: 1,000
    QTY Rejected: 50
    QTY reworked: 25
    FPY = 950/1000 = 95%
    FY = 975/1000 = 97.5%
    Station B:
    QTY manufactured: 500
    QTY Rejected: 25
    QTY reworked: 10
    FPY = 475/500 = 95%
    FY = 490/500 = 98%
    FY (for all process) = 1465/1500 = 97.66%
    What would I get if a multiply the FY for station A and station B:
    97.5% * 98% = 95.55% ??


    Damaris:  The folks here aren’t going to do your homework for you.
    You need to ask yourself the question – “what answer am I interested in knowing?  Do I care about how much is coming out of the process at the end compared to the beginning, or am I interested in how much is coming out the end that has not had any problems.”  There is a difference.  You should be able to figure out the answer yourself from this guidance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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