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    I have an event probability of 0.004. This is the probability that a standard line product manufactured on any given day have a chance of 0.4 % of being defective. This was calculated by using the manufacture date of 9 defective units being found. We make lot sizes of 10 or 100 units in each lot and store in inventory. The question is, what is the probability of getting a defective unit if I take one unit out of inventory (could be from lot size 10 or 100)? How we calculate this probability.

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    Do your own homework.

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    Hint: Try Binomial

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    According to me, confidence interval related stuff can help better in the situation.

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    Niraj Goyal

    The probability if you pick just one piece of a defective is .004 whatever the lot size. There is indifference the size of Lot you pick it from.
    If the question was is the probability of finding a reject in 10 samples of a lot or 10 samples from a lot of 100 then Binomial would be used with p=.004 and 10 tries

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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