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Standard Work Cycle Breakdown

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    I am preparing a Standard Work Cycle Breakdown Chart.
    My chart shows the time for Machine,Conveyor and Operator in Sequence based on 1piece part from start of cycle – (load part to machine ) to end of cycle  (putting of part to FG rack). However,  was told to show the time as Simultaneous.
    The machine runs automatically (machine is automatic stamping press), part goes through conveyor, then to operator for packing. Machine continue to produce the succeeding parts while the previous part goes to conveyor and pack by the operator.
    With this case, please advise how should I really show the cycle time on the chart and what is the cycle time composition.
    Your input is highly appreciated.


    Is it a  Work Content  Study or  Cycle time Study ? 
     Work content should be studied first before starting on cycle time study .
    The cycle time is calculated from the time one part enters the operation to the time the next part entering the operation . It may change if the no. of machines (doing the same work is increased)  is increased . but work content does not change . Work content normally does not change for any given process but may change if the process has changed.
    Also you need to look into the automatic machine settings . Can the speed of the machine and conveyor be adjusted?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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