Candidate Help

This page features frequently asked questions and their associated answers for iSixSigma Job Shop.

If you don’t see your question/answer listed below or you are experiencing a problem with the iSixSigma Job Shop, send your detailed question to us.

How do I sign up for an iSixSigma Job Shop account?
You can sign for an iSixSigma Job Shop account by clicking here. It’s completely free and all your information is protected, so sign up today!

How do I use my iSixSigma Job Shop account?
After signing up for an iSixSigma Job Shop account, you will receive a confirmation email to the address you specified. Once you sign in you can create your online resume, save jobs in your saved jobs folder, apply to interesting jobs that are posted, and create personal email agents that notify you as soon as jobs of interest are posted.

How do I upload my resume?
It’s not possible for your to upload a resume to our system. We use specified fields that allow for more targeted searching by employers. This makes your resume and credentials much more accessible to employers searching for candidates like you.

Here’s how you update your experience, education and background:
1. Sign into your account at
2. Visit
3. To update your background, click
4. To update your experience, click and fill in the empty fields
5. To update your education, click and fill in the empty fields

Can my current employer view my resume in your database?
If your current employer is signed up for the iSixSigma Job Shop as an Employer (i.e., they are posting jobs), then they may have purchased access to the iSixSigma Job Shop resume database or they may be posting jobs anonymously.

If you want to prevent employers from viewing your resume, you can un-check the checkbox labeled “Resume searchable by employers/recruiters” which will prevent both employers and recruiters from searching and viewing your resume.

How can I change my password associated with my Job Shop account?
To change your password, you can simply sign into your account, and click the “Change Password” button that is displayed at the top of your screen (quick link if signed in).

How can I change my email address that is associated with my Job Shop account?
To change your email address, you can simply sign into your account, edit your resume, and change your email address to your new one (quick link if signed in).

How can I delete my Job Shop account?
Sign into your Candidate account and click the “Edit Profile/Resume” area (quick link). Then click the “Delete Account” button at the top of the page (see image below).


How to set your browser to accept cookies
If your Internet Explorer browser version is at or above 6.0, you will need to enable cookies.

  • From the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
  • Both the Security Tab Options and the Privacy Tab options need to be set to accept cookies (the Privacy Tab is new to I.E. 6).
  • With the “Internet Zone” selected, the Security Level for this zone should be set to a maximum setting of “Medium”. (It can be less – but it provides less safeguards).
  • Go to the Privacy tab. Click Edit where it displays the text below. (This displays the “Per Site Privacy Actions”.)
  • Where it says “Address of website”, you will need to type in our web site address:, then press the Allow button (Please also repeat for
  • When they appear in the “Managed Web Sites” box, click OK.

If your Internet Explorer browser version is below 7.0, you will need to update to a current version.