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Blogs from iSixSigma Version 1.0 and 2.0 (Years 2000 to 2011).

    “Good” Continuous Improvement Programs

    Follow this simple maxim – “The best for all concerned” – and you will be the best in everything you do.

    Congratulations iSixSigma Movers and Shakers!

    Have you been paying attention to your iSixSigma User Profile rankings? We've had a couple of community members jump levels in the past month.

    Value Stream Mapping

    Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Top Skill of 2014

    LinkedIn, the largest and most popular business-oriented social networking service, announced over the weekend their top 25 "hottest skills" of 2014. It's of little surprise that "Statistical Analysis and Data Mining" was listed as the top skill of those individuals in highest demand.

    What Process Improvement Can Learn From Soccer

    There are seven things that process improvement can learn from soccer.

    Benchmarking Is Not an Option

    Benchmarking is not optional if you wish to become best in class.

    Congratulations iSixSigma Movers and Shakers!

    Are you paying attention to your iSixSigma User Profile rankings? Get your ranking higher like two community members have in the past month. We offer our thanks and congratulations to them for being a part of the iSixSigma community! Pranali…

    Planting the Seeds – The Concept Tree

    I suggested that we try a concept tree. This was not a tool that I had ever introduced in a meeting; frankly, it was something that I did not think my audience would buy.

    Xerox Cuts Formal Lean Six Sigma Program

    As announced in the Democrat & Chronicle today, Xerox is cutting its formal Lean Six Sigma program ("Xerox cutting back on Lean Six Sigma program, jobs").

    Write for!

    There are many reasons why you should be submitting articles to be published on You receive the notoriety of being published on the premier worldwide Lean Six Sigma website You share their professional experience and expertise You earn 100 iSixSigma reputation…

    Thoughts on Hiring Outside Continuous Improvement Consultants

    The “expert” I want to talk about today is the "instant" consultant; those people and firms that self-proclaim themselves to be continuous improvement experts through publication, education or association.

    An Email and Popcorn and Tsunami Analogy

    At first glance, email communication may seem more efficient and faster than the old fashioned in-person discussion or telephone calls. This is probably true until the email distribution goes out of control and becomes an email-popcorn-tsunami!

    Put Down The Shovel, Pick Up The BS Map

    Even a team comprised of our most well-intentioned, collaborative, GRPI- and MBTI-embracing folks can still get bogged down with prioritization problems. That’s where the Business Science Method of Assessing Priority (BS MAP) comes in.

    No More Cowboys: Teams for Change

    I have been a Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt for two and a half years and have come to a heartbreaking realization: I’ll never be good at everything.

    It’s the People That Matter

    As a Lean and Six Sigma facilitator for a large payer and provider organization, I have made every mistake here and struggled with my personal impotency in changing the culture. But like you, I don’t give up easily. Here are a few rules I have made for myself that have proved useful to me.

    The Holistic Use of Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)

    There is a common misconception related to an effective implementation of the SMED methodology: focusing on an operator's individual area rather than considering the cell as a whole.

    Participate in iSixSigma’s 11th Annual Salary Survey

    It is time for iSixSigma’s 11th annual Global Six Sigma Salary Survey! Every year iSixSigma analyzes information in its Job Shop database to produce a Six Sigma-specific salary report.

    From Shelfware to Implementation

    I often think about the losses corporations and government entities take on with initiatives that result in decorative shelfware (the unused products that sit on a buyer’s shelf). There must be millions of great ideas and intelligent business plans just sitting on shelves because of the lack of execution.

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