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Blogs from iSixSigma Version 1.0 and 2.0 (Years 2000 to 2011).

    Circuit City – Six Sigma

    Circuit City began their Six Sigma initiative early in 2001 as stated in their 2001 Annual Report.

    Albertsons Inc. – Six Sigma

    Larry Johnston, a seasoned General Electric executive, took over as CEO of Albertsons in April, 2001. Unlike his colleagues, James McNerney and Bob Nardelli, Johnston did not immediately sing Six Sigma in the key of G & E.

    May Department Stores – Six Sigma

    May Department Stores has not released very much public information about their Six Sigma program.

    Give Them Their Own Forum

    Thousands of people per year use the “Make a Suggestion” box found on every page. We love it because it provides a tremendous amount of new ideas for us to think about, prioritize and develop. Keep them coming. Every…

    Whatand#146;s This Blog-Thing About, Anyway?

    As my previous blog described, this is the location that I will be posting thoughts, rants and anything else that I have time to post. Everything you read here will be written by me, Michael Cyger, and it reflects my…

    When Jack Talks, People Listen

    At the recent IQPC Six Sigma Summit Six Sigma conference, the auditorium was packed to standing room only with executives and practitioners there to hear a question and answer session with Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric. Many delegates…

    Federated Department Stores – Six Sigma

    Federated began their Six Sigma initiative in 2001 in the Federated Logistics & Operations (FLO) division.

    Starting a Blog

    I’ve spoken to the iSixSigma editorial staff about creating a blog and received mixed reviews. On one hand, I would personally like to start a conversation with others that doesn’t have to be proofed, edited, or polished before printing. My…

    3M – Six Sigma

    Overview 3M’s corporate Six Sigma journey began shortly after James McNerney took over at the helm in January 2001. Prior to his arrival, there was some Six Sigma activity taking place in parts of the company, but not at all…

    Bank of America – Hoshin Kanri and Six Sigma

    Bank of America is one of the most prominent financial services company with a corporate-wide Six Sigma initiative, and they’re not afraid to talk about it.Their unique blend of Hoshin planning, Kanri management and Six Sigma separates them from the pack.



    Getting Straight on Goals – Six Sigma Certification and Results

    I have often noticed a disparity between the objectives of CXOs (C-level and top executives) and those of aspiring Six Sigma professionals. Look at your company’s goals for 2005. CXOs almost always express them in terms of financial targets for…

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