Christmas Lights – A Lean Challenge

I got this from a friend and decided to share it with my friends at Six Sigma. I thought this might represent the process many use when they don’t plan. Just get the job done. Don’t worry about process or structure or planning. Just do it. Hm…. You think a value stream map would help?

My wife has been on my case to get the lights up and I did it. Now I can’t figure out why she isn’t talking to me!

Happy Holidays


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  1. Robert Butler

    Your interpretation of the picture is one possibility however there are others.

    1. It could actually represent careful planning – outdoor lights hung to minimize setup/teardown time.

    2. An attempt at creativity i.e. a clump of imitation lighted misletoe.

    3.Optimum use of provided construction materials – one hanger, one light socket and a string of lights.

    4. A Christmas replacement for the driveway courtesy light.

    5. A statisticians Christmas display. The gutter is the target and the illuminated ball of lights represents the first plotted data point…presumably as the season advances more illuminated balls will be added.

    …Thanks for the picture.

  2. Stephen C. Crate

    Wonderful. Only a process analyst with a creative bend could consider these other options. Brilliant.

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