Cox-Box Calendar Giveaway

Michael Cyger has been on an office cleaning frenzy lately, giving away books for trivia ¦ I thought I’d do a little spring cleaning myself. I’ve got five Cox-Box wall calendars sitting on my shelf when they should be hanging up in your office. 

I’ll send one calendar out to the first five people to email me the following information:

1- Full name,
2- Company name,
3- Your title,
4- Mailing address,
5 -Correct answer to this question: What was Gary Cox doing when he created the Cox-Box cartoon? (Hint: the answer can be found somewhere in the pages of the iSixSigma Blogosphere.)
(Hint 2: Read Gary’s

I’ll update this blog entry with the names, company names and titles of the first five people who email me the answer. Contact information will only be used to mail you the calendar, nothing more. Good Luck!

[UPDATE 5/01/07 9:15 AM PST]

Congratulations to the following five winners:

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1- Mary Ellyn, Community Outreach Coordinator, UH Conneaut Medical Center
2- Samuel Aborne, Consultant, George Group
3- Ramesh Pondhe, Operations Improvement Engineer, Susquehanna Health
4- Amy Butler, Process Improvement Leader, Cavendish Farms
5- Alisha Arsenault, Production Coordinator, Cavendish Farms

The answer to the trivia question, “What was Gary Cox doing when he created the Cox-Box cartoon?” is:

He was going through training for his Black Belt Certification and drew the Six Sigma cartoons on the flipchart for his class. Read Gary’s bio for the whole story… Thanks for playing!

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  1. gary

    I could have answered that question, but as I’ve been away on Master Black Belt traning I haven’t hit the website in a couple of days, so I missed it.

    To all those who emailed Mike for his free copis of the Cox-Box 07 Calendar, I thank you for your interst in the Cox-Box, sincerely.

    I find it rewarding to take my, and your, experiences in leading projects and implementing Lean Six Sigma and find the humour (note the Canadian spelling) for you to enjoy. It’s a lot of fun, and those who make comments can be assured I read them.

    To those five who won a calendar … Congratulations. I hope you find lots of laughs from the cartoons.

    Those who enjoy the Cox-Box may wish to know that I’m working with the iSixSigma team on the 08 Calendar and we feel we have raised the bar and honestly believe you’ll enjoy the new cartoons and look of the cartoons within the calendar.

    Thanks for sharing them and not letting them go to waste. (I’d be saddened to think that they just sat there unopened when they might bring a smile to someone.)

    Best Regards to all…

    Gary Cox


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