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The Cox-Box, Six Sigma Guy, and associated characters are the brainchild and creative outlet of Rookie Six Sigma Black Belt Gary Cox. Gary has combined his passion for drawing cartoons with his newly acquired Six Sigma experiences through the characters and tales in The Cox-Box. The situations, characters and bureaucracy are all hypothetical and any similarities to actual deployments or people are coincidental. You are encouraged and welcome to share you comments and Black Belt experiences with him.

A new, unpublished Cox-Box cartoon can be found in every issue of iSixSigma Magazine. Subscribe today for the most recent and colorized updates on Six Sigma Guy’s daily activities.

Welcome, Gary!

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  1. Marble Host

    There is a real estate agent in my mother’s city that uses a comic strip in their weekly newspap3er ad.It looks similar to automoons.The ads ALWAYS catch my eye.After l read the strip I think "hmm no joke not much plot but still but way more interesting than a typical ad
    So, it works to get readers’ eyeballs on the ad.

  2. Marble Host

    I’m sure there’s some business here for gag cartoonists like myself, but so often you have to be so bland in advertising… I dunno if I wanna go there…

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