Farewell to iSixSigma from Founder Michael Cyger

Dear iSixSigma Readers, Advertisers, Sponsors and Partners,

I have notified the board of Schofield Media Group that I will be transitioning out of my role with iSixSigma during the next several months. Despite current economic conditions, iSixSigma is now a stronger company in many ways than it was just 14 months ago when Schofield Media Group acquired it.

A lot of changes have already happened during the last year, but most readers probably didn’t notice. The organizational structure has been transformed to better serve customers, the staff has grown and been augmented by shared services of our parent company, costs have been aligned with current market conditions, and iSixSigma has a clear game plan for growth over the next few years.

Since its inception nine years ago, iSixSigma has become synonymous with an open community for learning about breakthrough process improvement, and is more popular than I could have ever expected. We’ve expanded to a readership of more than 600,000 online and 14,000 in print (and our magazine is award winning!), programmed and organized multiple wildly-successful events, launched a marketplace, developed an industry-leading jobs board, and much more. It’s clear that we have provided a platform that process improvement professionals have found useful and engaging.

I would like to thank the unbelievably competent and dedicated iSixSigma staff for their tireless devotion to the industry, and the board of Schofield Media Group for their support and guidance. I would like to thank the countless named and nameless contributors to the iSixSigma community — through articles, blogs, presentations, forum posts, dictionary additions, press releases and event contributions. I would like to thank our sponsors, advertisers and alliance partners for their support and involvement. And last but not least, I would like to thank my wife and family for supporting my often all-consuming efforts (including frequent all-night coding binges) on iSixSigma.

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So, what happens to iSixSigma? Well, iSixSigma has always been about business professionals helping business professionals — our staff and technologies have only facilitated the exchange. It is YOUR community. That hasn’t changed, and won’t change. iSixSigma will continue to grow and offer more and more resources for business professionals around the world.

And what’s next for me? Well, like I said, I’m not disappearing overnight. There are a couple of fantastic events coming up (Energy Forum for Process Excellence and DoD CPI Symposium), to which I am contributing. My goal is to gradually make myself obsolete and ensure the team has full control of all iSixSigma areas. After that, we’ll see what happens. I have been approached by a few people about post-iSixSigma ventures for which I feel very fortunate and grateful. My email address will work for the next several months, and the best way to reach me in the future is through

All the best,

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  1. Chris Lindstrom

    Mike –

    As sad as I am to see you leaving iSixSigma, I’m also very excited for you as you transition to the next big thing.

    You’ve done great work, many many people have commented on how generous and open you’ve been in providing six sigma knowledge to us practioners. Thank you very much for your contributions.

    Good luck with what’s next – please let me know how I can help…

    Thanks again for your time and energy.

  2. Mike-Carnell


    I appreciate what you have created here. You were part of the SS community before you started iSixSigma and have always treated the business with honesty and integrity. Those are qualities that are not that common in todays world.

    There have been many times where we have stretched you to your limit on the Discussion Forum but you have always allowed us as much latitude as was reasonable before we were reeled in. When we were reeled in we never questioned if we had crossed the line.

    Regardless of the organization and structure you leave behind you will be missed. Thank you for creativity, dedication and vision.


  3. PraveenGupta

    Hi Mike,

    You have done wonders for the Six Sigma community. iSixSigma helped me a lot in answering my questions about variety of topics. I salute you!

    Wish you best for your future ventures.

    Praveen Gupta

  4. Stephen C. Crate, CRC

    Your leadership and vision for iSixSigma has been amazing. I noticed you are heading towards Energy sustainability and related issues. I have recently participated in a community event looking at these issues for the Central Maine Energy Sustainability Catalyst

    I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
    Good luck

  5. Gianna Clark

    Michael. Thank you for your leadership and friendship. Your vision and energy around iSixSigma has had a huge impact on many people and many companies around the world. Thank you for making a difference. As for the future, I am looking forward to hearing about your next adventure. Best of Luck! Gianna

  6. Meikah

    Mike, I wish you all the best in your future projects. You’ve done a great job with iSixSigma, and I’m sure you’ll have more successful undertakings in the future. :)

  7. Vincent Chin

    Sorry to see you go, Michael- this will be iSixSigma’s loss. Thanks for the support.

    All the best in your future projects!!!

  8. Kurt Peterson


    Thanks for your efforts in the creation and perpetuation of iSixSigma. I hope your future efforts and endeavors come with great success and enjoyment.

    Best of luck.

    Kurt Peterson

  9. Anis Abushaikha


    Thank you for making the place for all us to meet, learn and share valuable knowledge and experience about breakthrugh process improvement.

    Will look forward to your next venture.

    Anis – Black Belt

  10. James

    You did a great job.

    All the best.

  11. mbt shoes

    Great post! I am just starting out in community management/marketing media and trying to learn how to do it well – resources like this article are incredibly helpful.

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