Got Courage?

Just got back from 2 awesome days at the 2009 iSixSigma “Back to Breakthrough” summit in Miami where I was surrounded by a gazillion leaders and professionals who are passionate about excellence. The summit was packed full of speakers, panels, and workshops all geared at helping companies get ‘back to breakthrough.’ Thank you iSixSigma for leading the way.

Besides meeting some really cool people, the best thing for me was that the experience helped me re-energize my personal commitment to excellence. After all was said and done, I walked away with this… “Have the Courage to Lead.” Whether it’s a deployment, a business or a department, the one thing that each of us can personally contribute to achieving excellence in our company is to have the courage to lead.

The global economic situation has created a burning platform for all of us to reach beyond incremental improvement and focus on breakthrough. Six Sigma provides a methodology to get you there. The only question that remains is “Do you have the courage to lead?”

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  1. michael cardus

    The courage to lead, as well as the courage to fail + the courgae to hold yourself to the same quality checks and initiatives that you institute for a 6 sigma project.

    Leadership is one person who had enough of the status quo and wished to change things for the better. Keep leadership honest with a team of people who are honest and contantly check and challenge your intitiatives.

    The leadership trap is – I am in charge do what I say! – and the ship is sinking around you.

    great post.

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