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I have spent my entire career in IT and feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work in such a fast moving industry and to see the changes from propriety mainframe to open systems to windows and now the Internet. SoI have a tendency to want to apply IT to the projects I run. Through my blog I would like to share these experiences and demonstrate that there is more than Minitab out there. The first of these is the use of on-line surveys.

In my last blog I covered national quality awards and their perceived value to this community (results below). For this I used an on-line survey to gather people’s views. From a kano-analysis standpoint, I now take for granted that I can construct and launch a worldwide survey in an afternoon!

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  1. Nolan Haughton

    Hi Robin,

    Thanks for revealing the value online surveys. Surveys are definitely a great tool in gathering customer feedback. In my industry of Recruiting, you have 2 customers: The Client (pays bill for contractors labor), and the Contractor (delivers the labor).

    For Key Clients with over 10 Contractors assigned, I deliver a Quarterly Business Report that measures a variety of deliverables. One deliverable of most concern is the Client/Employee Satisfaction Surveys.

    On the Client side, we measure Hiring Manager satisfaction in areas of Meeting Needs, Professionalism, Skill Match, Responsiveness, Follow Through, Resolution, Recruiter, and Overall Satisfaction.

    On the Contractor side, we measure Employee satisfaction on Orientation, Training, Job Requirements, Customer Feedback, Customer Fairness, Teamwork, Overall Work Environment, and Availability.

    I first began delivering these reports by gathering the data through survey flyers. This was the most challenging task for several reasons: Difficulty to distribute/collect from multiple shifts and the geographically separated, difficulty and time consuming to tally, hard to interpret handwriting, hard to prove as confidential feedback.

    Since taking the surveys on line, I’ve seen a major increase in the number of respondents, time to complete tally-up, and YES more in-dept comments! A good tool for presenting survey results is through MINITAB – Boxplot graphs. Feel free to email me for examples.


  2. Meikah

    Very good insight on surveys, both online and paper. Thank you. I’m actually planning to do online surveys for my blogs, too. And this entry is very helpful.

  3. Robin Barnwell

    Hi Nolan

    Good to hear of your success. Moving on-line does remove the daunting task of re-keying. I originally started by re-keying our end-of-training surveys and the tedium (and potential for error) took me on-line.


  4. dennis

    no doubt it is best

  5. Ryan Decosta

    A very useful information by Robin benwell
    Infact i wil be also trying to do online surveys and polling on my blogs….

    Survey is really important tool to get good feedback ,proper data collection and getting accurate information….
    Ryan Decosta

  6. Jeremy

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    Thanks for providing valuable information.

  7. Darrell

    Thanks for the great info…polls are a lot of fun, but I have done many in th past year. Will do more this year.

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