MoreSteam’s New LSS Certification

Finally, an international Six Sigma certification to set the standard. recently announced a new high tech Lean Six Sigmacertification. Read the Press Release for the details, or go right to the online certification website and get certified.

“ announced today a new strategic partnership with to apply advanced technology to elevate the Lean Six Sigma certification process. Using proprietary internet-based brain scan technology developed by ISSISSIPPI researchers, Lean Six Sigma professionals can now be certified using a completely objective, scientifically rigorous process – at a fraction of the cost and time required by old school methods such as real-world project evaluations, and question-based testing. This innovative web-based brain scan is completely non-invasive and takes less than a minute to complete.”

Earnthe respect of your Six Sigma peers. Visit and start the process.Only one minute of your time and you’ll have a certificate to mount in your office proclaiming your Belt level.I tested as a Dark Slate Gray Belt. It’s been a few years since I actively worked on a Black Belt project…I’m going to have to study up a bit more…

After you take the certification exam, post up your belt level in the comments section. There are sure to be a plethora of belt colors attainable.

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  1. Dick Booton

    I completed the exam successfully and have been certified as a Lean Six Sigma Burnt Sienna Belt.

  2. MichaelMarx

    Burnt Sienna? That’s quite a belt. I just retested and made Lavender Belt. I should have stopped while I was Dark Slate Gray…

  3. Ken Adams

    I took the exam and have been certified as a Tangerine Belt. Sweet.

  4. michael cardus

    Lemon Chiffon – any belt that has lemons on it I am qualified for.

  5. Sue Kozlowski

    As a proud Magenta Belt, I was particularly impressed that I could follow the link to obtain my matching shoes and handbag.

  6. Ron Pereira

    Um, I suck. I am dang Polka Dot belt!

  7. Trevor

    I was Magenta also. Not sure if that’s good or bad!

  8. Jason S

    I wound up with a checkered belt. A good thing for racing fan to attain. Great link…made sure to share this with others in the office.

  9. Kulani L

    Thanks for sharing Jason. I’m a Cornflower Blue Belt. Now to get the matching purse and shoes…

  10. Greg

    Thanks for the Lemon Chiffon Belt Zoltan! (…or is it Tim?) How about a set of cuff links instead of the purse and shoes? Does Lemon Chiffon go with Black?

    I don’t think you can take this test without smiling.

  11. Gianna

    My last test got me a leopard belt. That’s Wild!

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