The Need for Change

Recently the Under Secretary for Business Transformation (DUSA-BT), the Honorable Mike Kirby spoke with our Command and BB/GB trainees on the need for change. He presented an hour long slide show on why we must change the way we do business. Most compelling was his analysis of the evolution of the capability of the war fighter but the waning of the administrator. In essence, a disparity has been created in how the Army conducts business and how it supports those who conduct military operations.

Most will question the relevance of process improvement in the Army. However the Army is involved in every industry that exists in the private sector: supply chain, aviation, engineering, maintenance, accounting, IT, security, information management.

The Military and the Private Sector have exchanged management philosophies many times. The use of Standard Operating Procedures or SOP’s came from the military. The translation of Lean Six Sigma to benefit the way the Army conducts business is further evolution of this exchange.

The US Navyand the US Army Materiel Command have been the first in the military to utilize Lean Six Sigma. They have seen tremendous benefits in its adoption. As the largest deployment in the world, our biggest challenge will be changing mindsets and attitudes.

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  1. Michael Cyger

    CPT Harris,

    It’s tremendous work that you’re doing at AMC. Congratulations on the successes that you’ve delivered so far. I look forward to learning more and seeing continued benefits for soldiers around the world.

    For those of you who didn’t click on the link, I encourage you to visit the AMC Lean Six Sigma homepage, and be sure to view this video.

    Best regards,

  2. Stephen C. Crate

    Seems Walter Reed could use some six sigma tools to bring their service up to the standards the rest of the Army seems to have.

  3. CPT Harris

    Thanks for the encourgaging words. However I cannot take credit for AMC as I am not assinged there. I can guarantee that the people there would be excited to hear this.

    They were the first command to deploy LSS about 2-3 years ago. They have completed over 70 projects. The results have been tremendous for the soldiers and units that have a need for quicker through put of equipment and vehicles.

  4. CPT Harris

    Walter Reed falls under the Army Medical Command of MedCom. MedCom is in the midst of trying to deploy LSS. However this is the deployment year. Given that LSS is exponential in its benefits. This initiative has been caught in the middle of Base Closure and Realignment. This only relates to the facilities portion.

    In terms of the adminstrative processes, the bottlenecks, delays and defects are probably being looked at. I am sure most wish LSS was used a long time ago to avoid the stories we hear about.

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