No Secrets in Military Six Sigma

One thing I really like about the government Six Sigma initiatives is the public sharing of information. The DOD units are so proud to talk about how they are using Six Sigma and the benefits they are getting out of it.

The Indian Head Division of NAVSEA has an entire website dedicated to Lean Six Sigma. They share Lean Six Sigma success stories and updates via their Lean-Quality Newsletters. They even share the entire Lean implementation plan.

According to the total savings in their success stories, since 2005 the Indian Head Division has saved nearly 8 million dollars and 2007 projections total nearly $1.5 million.

Other Navy divisions are eager to showcase success as well. Read about NAVSUP and their Six Sigma initiative and watch this video that shows how they used Lean Six Sigma to maximize ordnance delivery.

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  1. ISLSS

    Hello Michael,

    First, thanks for promoting the NAVSUP LSS Video’s, while they are large files, they are great for executive and director level awareness training.

    I was the program manager that deployed the NAVSUP Lean Six Sigma initiative. Nothing made me prouder than having had the opportunity to work with such fine men and woman serving to ensure our sailors are ready with the supplies they need when they are needed.

    NAVAIR “AIRSpeed” (what they call their lean six sigma initiative) also has many useful articles and case studies.

  2. Claudia

    It’s refreshing to see the progress, especially with the military using six sigma and the government being open to it.

    Did they hit their 2007 projections? Are they still using six sigma?

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