Penske, Beyond Six Sigma for Indy 500

Roger Penske expects and gets – perfection,, May 23, 2006

Roger Penske talks about preparation for the Indianapolis 500 this weekend. Penske is a Six Sigma company when it comes to business, but as for racing, Six Sigma just isn’t enough:

“After qualifying, Penske gave an overview of his preparation plan. “We’ll go back, rebuild our gearboxes, suspensions, etc. This is not a ‘Six Sigma’ situation; it’s a zero defects (situation) when it comes to race day on Sunday.”

Just to put into perspective how much Indy means to Penske, Six Sigma Quality is a process that produces a maximum of 3.4 defects per million opportunities. But that is not good enough for race day – Penske expects perfection.”

Lance Armstrong, cancer survivor and seven-time Tour de France Champion, is an athlete that performs beyond Six Sigma as well. He’ll have to slow down this year to drive the Indy 500 pace car.

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  1. Meikah

    This is an interesting entry. My sons and husband, who have influenced me, too, are fond of F1 racing. We would never miss any race day or even qualifying days. I agree that with the speed and the kind of efficiency needed during pitstops and preparing the tracks, organizers should aim only for zero defect. That’s what’s being pushed by TQM. But then again, better start with 3.4 DPMOs first then work your way to zero defect.

  2. Matt LeVeque

    I would agree that in fighting the war against cancer and on the bike, LA is red-lining Six Sigma, but when it comes to relationships I think he’s running at about two sigma…

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