Ron Pereira, One Piece Flow Video

LSS Academy’s Ron Pereira goes live with his first vlog (video blog). In this video Ron walks us through a “one piece flow” versus “mass production” simulation to showdifferences between the two approaches.

Today with his first vlog, Ron also relaunched Lean Six Sigma Academy with the added functionality of a web 2.0 site. Take a minute to visit and see what Ron’s been up to.

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  1. Daniel Renner

    Nice video, thank you for the effort to create this.
    But, I can not agree completely to the demonstrated comments. First, the example assumes that there is only one workplace, performing every step. In a common mass production area, the WIP produced at one step moves to the next step, so there is a continuous flow of pieces. Next, the WIP level may vary but one piece flow requires all the material at the same time which increases RAW. Using the mass production flow presented at the video, the envelopes can be ordered to a later point in time, which decreases RAW. Even if the required material for one piece flow may ordered in smaller batch sizes, this will lead to an increased overhead of material handling. So it really depends on the product and the production environment if either one or the other method makes sense. But what you can see with this example, is the overhead of motion at the mass production method, the same piece has to moved/processed several times, this leads to the improvement in thruput time.
    But it is a really nice example which can be used to demonstrate the difference between those two methods to non 6S/Lean people as well.

  2. GaryPCox


    I’ve conducted this example with new project teams before and it always comes out as you demonstrated. One-Piece-Flow is more efficient in reduction of all waste.

    Video’s like this will be useful in teaching new projet team members the benefits of Lean methods.

    An idea for future video might be a
    Guage R&R demonstration, which is also a tool those new to understanding LSS need to appreciate.


  3. Ron Pereira

    Thanks for the link Michael! And thanks for the comments Daniel and Gary.

    @ Daniel – You offer valid points. My purpose was to demonstrate the difference between 1PF and mass production in the simplest manner possible.

    The best way to do this would have been to have 3 or 4 operators working in a mass production manner first… and then 1PF. But that would have taken much longer to do.

    @ Gary – Great idea on the G R&R. Any specific ideas? Feel free to email me if you do at: info at leansixsigmaacademy dot com

  4. Ralf Lippold

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for this great video – the best on the topic:-))

    I would love to show it tomorrow at 3rd LTT in Leipzig,made people interested but couldn’t find a way to download.

    Is there a way to do it?

    Thanks a lot and best regards

    (founder and moderator of LEAN THINKING at XING (

    …we will continue with LTT at 8am GMT today;-))

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