Six Sigma at 30 Rock

My mother-in-law (we call her TiVo) said she was watching 30 Rocklast week…(just one of the many, many showsshe records, hence the name TiVo) and told me about a scene where Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) explains Six Sigma to his staff writers. Well, I went a looking for it and thanks to YouTube here’s the clip:

I found the clip very funny, especially the line about the Sigma 6 GI Joe. So now we’re seeing Six Sigmareferences inpop culture entertainment! As you might know NBC is owned by GE, whose former CEO, Jack Welch, made Six Sigma famous — so the humorous riff on Six Sigma is quite fitting.

30 Rock Six Sigma Links

Tina takes on corporate America, Fortune, September 7, 2006. Excerpt:

“(Tina) Fey, who writes, produces, and stars in the show, which will air this fall, recently spoke with FORTUNE’s Stephanie Mehta about the television business, working for a large company, and Six Sigma. That’s right, Six Sigma…”

TV and Film Guy’s comments on the Six Sigma bit via BlogCritics

Recap of the entire episode via TV Fodder

Wikipedia overview of the episode – Jack the Writer

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  1. Meikah

    This is cool, Mike! :) If this trend, that is broadcasting Six Sigma, continues, it will create more awareness and many companies will be convinced that there’s value in it. Will trackback again to this entry. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. black belt boy

    Now the mass media is making fun of six sigma….we are starting to rank up there with used car salesman, politician’s and wayward priests…

  3. Be Real

    6 Sigma is dead at GE. 30 Rock spoofing 6 Sigma is an indication of 6 Sigmas lack of credibility at GE.

  4. breal

    I like how he got the main point of six sigma wrong, which is to minimize production defects to a certain small number (forget it since I had the class haha)

  5. Kirsten

    Now I think 30 Rock is spoofing iSixSigma: In last night’s episode (air date Jan. 22), Jack and Liz attend a Six Sigma conference called "Retreat to Move Forward," just a week after iSixSigma’s "Back to Breakthrough" conference. Coincidence?

  6. pinkfloyd

    Six Sigma is just another cheesey business fad full of “common sense” solutions (maybe we should increase revenue while decreasing expense) and stats jargon that most of them don’t even understand… the fact that they call each other “black belts” should be enough of a cheese alarm.

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