Six Sigma Easter Basket – Got Eggs?

Ever wonder what kind of eggs would be found in a Six Sigma easter basket? Here’s what I say . . .

  • Eggs-ceptional teams
  • Eggs-citing projects
  • Eggs-ponential ROI
  • Eggs-traordinary improvements
  • Eggs-hilarating challenges
  • Eggs-treme customer satisfaction

Hope your Six Sigma easter basket is filled with Eggs-actly what you need. Happy Easter!

Comments 3

  1. Michael Marx

    Eggs-ellent post Gianna. You really went the eggs-tra mile with this Easter Six Sigma eggs-ample. Even those hard-bolied naysayers should get a laugh. :)

  2. GaryPCox

    Eggs-actly what I was going to say!

  3. GaryPCox


    I meant to say: eggs-etra, eggs-etra…I got scrambled!

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