Six Sigma in Higher Education


The business of higher education today is just thata business. It focuses more today on the bottom line and it is important to stay on the competitive edge for all of its customersfrom the students and their parents to the faculty, staff, and donors, as well.

The business of education also has a greater accountability today. This means that installing quality improvement across the board is more important today than ever before. It is important from both the business and academic sides.

A quality improvement program can improve all areas of higher education. The purpose of this blog will follow the implementation of Six Sigma in the computer help desk and its functional areas and into our academic end via our workshops.

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  1. Dorothy

    Any ideas for projects in a higher education setting? we are starting a group here and I am looking for project ideas.

  2. Lisa Moore

    We started in our computer help desk. There were lots of processes/procedures and a great place to look for defects and projects.

  3. rickmaher

    At Arizona State I have been successful by listening to the students. Take a typical student complaint and drill down to the root cause and work from there.

    For example, at ASU we have addressed the $10 fee for students to have an official transcript sent out (ie to complete a grad school application). Why are we charging $10 for a task that takes a clerical worker less than 3minutes to complete? Because there are significant inefficiencies in closely related processes… We’re now attacking the most inefficient of those and hope to be able to cut the per transcript fee to $5 each next fall without creating a net loss for the department.

    Good luck!

  4. Ms. Raksha Thakur

    your articles are all interesting.

    six sigma in hgher education is an area of my interest. can you suggest me some reading?

  5. Bradley

    Online Education

    Advanced topics in regular course program may promote a quality education and more prepared professionals. In this paper it is demonstrated how a requirements management framework focused on sustainability, proposed as a post-graduation thesis, was applied in product development projects of a regular graduation course………….

  6. Kendall Adams

    I agree with most of your statements regarding the business of education. However I work at a Technical College and we are a non-profit organization. The business is similar except we tend to function in a manner that does not seek to profit, but more of a way to not incur expenses.
    I am looking for ideas or direction on new projects and would appreciate any suggestions form the group.
    Thank you,
    Kendall Adams

  7. pmolloy

    I’m with Kendall. Working at a non-profit state school and with continued state and federal cutbacks, the focus is on breaking even. All ideas welcomed.
    Thank you, Pat Molloy

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