Six Sigma Project or Just Do It?

Benchmarking results consistently identify examples of Six Sigma success. Even so, getting “naysayers” on board is a continuous challenge. What do you tell them?

Nayism 6: I already know how to fix the problem. I really don’t need a Six Sigma project to tell me what I already know.

Sometimes people get confused between what’s a real Six Sigma project and what’s a “Just Do It.” Since they already have an answer to the problem, they believe that doing a Six Sigma project may be a waste of time. So here’s what I say . . .

There are many answers to every problem. The real question is have you identified your customer requirements and measured and validated data to identify the root cause of your problem? If not, a Six Sigma project can accomplish this for you. In addition, the project can provide a viable answer and validate that the answer will make a ‘real’ difference (statistically). And, by the way, the project can establish a control plan to make sure your fix stays in place. If your answer does all this then I’d say, “Just Do It!”

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  1. Anthony Timmons

    Excellent response to the Six Sigma vs Just Do It. However,this takes a paradigm shift and upper management support and actual management that this analysis takes place.

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