Six Sigma – What’s In It For Me?

Nayism 37: Six Sigma touts a lot of benefits for the company but what’s in it for me?

The answer to this question could be the turning point for this individual. Can you give them the right answer to their WIFM (What’s In It For Me?). Where do you begin? Here’s what I say . . .

There are ‘Many Me(s)’ in Six Sigma and many more benefits than Me(s). Below are a couple of examples. Picking the right benefit that best matches the “Me” that is doing the asking will increase your chance of convincing this potential naysayer that life is good in Six Sigma town.

Who Am I?

What’s In It for Me?

Why It’s a Good Thing?


Improved customer satisfaction


  • Participation in the voice of the process
  • Personal development and learning
  • Improved work flow (less frustration)

Increased employee satisfaction


  • Improved processes
  • Bottom line contribution (cost & revenue)
  • Pathway to excellence

Improved performance


  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Improved performance

Increased shareholder value


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  1. Meikah

    Thank you, Gianna for giving clear answers to the oft-repeated question, WIFM. Everything seems to boil down to this question, esp. when talks veer toward change and new things.

  2. John LaVoie

    Your articles are very insightful and highly practical. Would you mind if I used the WIFM table ’headers’ for an upcoming Lunch and Learn? I would modify the content under the 3 headers, but wanted to ask you first, as I dispise folks who copy and don’t give credit to the orignal author.

    I feel as though this is a very good way to get the point across at a higher level.

    Thanks for posting!

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