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As the academic year begins our Six Sigma team has met, created a new team charter, and began accumulating a list of projects that we would like to try this year. Our team named “Gravy” (gravy, or Six Sigma, being the goal of the team) fits in our planning objective: “More Six Sigma projects to measure the quality of customer service.”

The team champion, myself, and master black belt will have three returning members and one new member. They bring areas of expertise with them ranging from quality assurance experience to a jack of all trades to an organizational guru. Our first project will be to measure the types, numbers and time-to-completion of our help desk tickets during our new student days (days on campus before classes begin) and our first week of classes. These are two times when our support numbers are extremely high and they are good gauges of our internal training of staff and our marketing efforts to inform students of changes and how to connect to the residential network at our University.

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  1. Joel Gingery

    Hi, Lisa,

    I have an interest in improving education, primarily in the elementary and high school levels in my area, Pinellas County, FL. Of course Florida higher education could use a lot of work but I have to start somewhere.

    Also, I know of two people who work in higher education (in Illinois and Michigan) who are interested in improving their processes.

    Can you please share any information you may be aware of about Lean/Six Sigma transformations in education?

    Thank you for your help.


  2. Lisa Moore

    Joel–I don’t personally know of a lot of information in the field of Education yet! That’s often slowed some of our work because we have to sometimes re-invent to make it more relevant for the work we do.

    However, we are IT so we have lots of good things to base our work on.

    If you have any other questions please ask!

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