A Study of Female Executives: A Scorecard Approach

Anyone who knows me knows I am one of the largest fans of the modified balanced scorecard/business scorecard approach. I came across the following study results comparing gender differences at the executive level within organizations. There are those who claim men are more left-brained, thus, women = right dominance. Yet, there is a rise in female engineers, mathematicians and statisticians alike. So, it seems to be a case of reality or VOP not being measured accurately. Looking at the following, I was interested to see women coming into view in every bucket scorecard:

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  1. Debora Rodrigues

    That is very interesting information, Laura.

    It is not like we didn’t know it, but that is reassuring to see that management has been evolving into such a direction consciously.

    We live in a new world and a different approach is necessary in order to overcome the challenges ahead of executives on all levels.

    Learning how to be flexible instead of just banging the head on the wall is not only less painful, but much more effective as well.

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