Survey: Six Sigma and the Economy

iSixSigma Magazine’s latest research survey is live!

This survey is all about how the economy is affecting companies and their business process improvement initiativessuch as Six Sigma and Lean.

The survey is short, only 20 questions and about half of them are simpledemographic questions. Pleaseinvest about 7 minutesof your time and tell us what’s happening at your company.

The full results will be published in the July/August issue of iSixSigma Magazine, and I’ll surely post the highlights here on the Blogosphere. Thanks for your support!

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  1. azim

    hello how are you .i am from iran andmy field at university is healthcare management i want to khow more about sixsigma in hospital espitioally emergency department if khow about it orhave any article please send ithem for me.thank for your help.

  2. Six Sigma Healthcare

    Since you are in healthcare, Villanova University offers a Master Certificate in Six Sigma via distance education. please visit

  3. CalvinK

    It seems that i’m late for the survey. Anyway, lean six sigma concepts is really helps much in manufacturing and business if use it in the right way

  4. Mahi Boss

    Oh I m too late to attend the survey.

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