Toyota: A Customer’s Account of Quality

Toyota: A Customer’s Account of Quality
By Chin

A few years back we sold of our Malaysian made Proton cars and got a Toyota MPV and another Toyota sedan. When the sedan came I also got the book The Toyota Way. Reading the book and driving (not reading and driving at the same time though) the cars is just inspiring. To me Toyota is peace of mind- no engine problems, no electrical system issues, no gear box breakdown. To top it all, those VVTi engines are great- one wonders where all the power came from the relatively small engines. Never had a problem with my pedal and carpet- the only thing I had to be careful is not to pedal-to-the metal otherwise that stab in my back.

I am personally gratefully for the Toyota quality. You see, I had to work 3 states away from home at one time. For nearly two years those were tough times for me- making a 400km trip back to home on weekends and 400km back to work. The drives were grueling — heavy rains, lousy roads at certain stretches and fatigue. Not a single time my Toyota broke down otherwise I would have been mugged or something. The ABS kicked in when it should, the engine never overheated under straight 6-hour drives and the VVTi made sure the slower vehicles ate dust. I am taken care of, really.

I am sorry to hear of the tragic accidents to which the cause was identified to quality. However I also observe there’s some level international political play which strives to change people’s perception on Toyota. As for me I wish to thank Toyota personally, for bringing me back home safe from those terrible inter-state drives.

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  1. newnews

    Sorry, but any vehicle foreign or domestic would have gotten you through rain, etc with no overheating, etc. You just happen to have a Toyota, the differences in quality across makes is shrinking by the day, partly due to good companies copying the Toyota process not their cars.

  2. wasiloff

    I am wondering how TPS has allowed Toyota to evolve into this debacle in terms of a downward spiral in quality and safety?

    More and more Toyota serious failure modes show up every day… Corrective actions to sudden acceleration are implemented by Toyota that are not proven to be effective (floor mats and gas pedals). Why is Toyota ignoring valid root causes like system interactions, software, powertrain control modules, electronics sneak circuits, etc. to implement phony fixes that only serve to temporarily placate the public? The dramatically growing trend in Toyota product liability litigation, in both indivual and class action lawsuits exemplifies this phenomenon. What is going to happen to Toyota when sudden acceleraton failures continue to occur after the gas pedal and floor mat fixes are completed?

    It certainly appears that Toyota has its head in the sand.

  3. Vincent Chin

    You obviously know very little about cars or the tps.

  4. Mike

    Hearing about mysterious intermittent electronic problems in Toyota vehicles brought back memories about bad computer motherboards (mostly Dell) a few years ago. Dell had to replace many Optiplex GX270 motherboards do to bad Capacitors that a subcontractor picked up on the cheap.Did anybody think about the Capacitors as a possible cause of the problem, or would that be Unfix able-and thus unthinkable?

  5. john

    I’m fuming mad & posting everywhere I can. My 2009 Tacoma has been plagued with malfunctioning radios. I informed Toyota of San Juan Capistrano that the second radio put in under warranty had again failed. "No problem" was the reply we’ll order another & call when in. Couple days went by & I got the call it had arrived. I called back & asked if it would be better that I make an appointment since I was sure they were loaded with recall work, service writer said it would be a good idea to do so. I made the Apt. for the next day @ 10:30 am and got there 10:15 am. He stamped the work order with HUGH red letters "Customer waiting" and wrote a finish time estimate of 11:15 am that day. I brought a book to read & the next time I looked at a clock it was 1:00 pm. I asked the service writer what the status was & he said he’d check out back. Twenty minutes later while I sit patiently reading he whispers in my ear, "it will be started in five minutes". I hit the frikin roof and had him bring my truck up & got the F**K outa there. Upon arriving home there were 2 messages on my phone, the last one offering to send a tech. to my house to "make it right". This did not impress me because as anyone who’s had their own business knows, to avoid a law suit all one has to do is offer to "make it right". ie… covering their ass. I will not be doing business there again as the atmosphere of the service area is smug & rude, as well as the atmosphere in the customer lounge thick with discontent. You’d think the problems Toyota is facing currently they’d be at least respectful & courteous to the customers they still have.

  6. used computers

    I also observe there’s some level international political play which strives to change people’s perception on dell.

  7. used computers

    I think the same thing will happen to consumer web software. When we get tired of the advertising, they will start offering commercial free web for a fee.

  8. Jennifer

    Yes, Toyota has seemed to come out of the hard times they were going through, what was it? Brake problems with the new cars or something. I don’t remember.

  9. Redditch tyres

    Toyota has announced styling changes, new equipment, additional safety systems, and hybrid powertrain upgrade to the popular SUV for the 2011 model year.

  10. Joanne White Ferdinando

    My 2008 Toyota Corolla has rusted wheels. The wheels rusted out within two months after purchasing the car from a dealership in Daytona Beach, Florida. I contacted the Toyota company and was eventually told, "We are not going to address this issue." Period. End of sentence. My sister purchased a Camry from this same dealership and her wheels have also rusted out. If it is being caused by Florida weather, how does it happen so fast, and why don’t other Toyota models have the same problem? I was told that it would cost $800 to replace the wheels. [

  11. Vincent Chin

    I believe this could be a consistency issue in different parts of the world. I live in Malaysia, and last 3 weeks one morning my Vios could not start up. Toyota had it towed about 20 miles away from home to the Toyota service centre of my choice- at no cost.

    The repairs were done, also for free. The fault was my third-party Cobra immobilizer which did not allow my car to startup. The whole incident took up about 3 hours of my time however I’m quite pleased of how my case was handled by Toyota.

    Perhaps Toyota should look into using SS to reduce the level of variation of its service division?

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