Training Trends

Which delivery method of Six Sigma training do you prefer? How have curriculums been changing? What’s working – and what isn’t? Participate in a short iSixSigma survey on Six Sigma Training to find out.

The results will be published in the July/August issue of iSixSigma Magazine. As a token of our appreciation for participating, we will send survey respondents a free copy of the published training report. Sign up at the conclusion of the survey to receive the free copy.

This survey will only be open until April 26, so don’t miss your chance to participate and find out about today’s Six Sigma training trends. Click here.

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  1. Compare ISAs

    Trends always have the seeds of counter trends within. We want effective detergents, but we also enjoy homemade soaps from craft shops. Thus while being aware of any trend, we do not slavishly have to follow it. Once we know what is happening, we still need to think through what is best for us.

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