What’s In Your Pot O’Gold?

Nayism 43: Ever since we started deploying Six Sigma, everyone has been jumping around like they found the golden nugget. Don’t they know that golden nuggets don’t really exist?

Hmmm. Sounds like this naysayer may have kissed the ’ole blarney stone one too many times. Believe it or not, the Six Sigma Pot O’Gold is full of golden nuggets. They didn’t just appear in the pot one day. They were slowly earned through hard work and determination. Where did they come from? Here’s what I say . . .

When Six Sigma is used to solve a long standing problem that had previously been worked on for years – that’s a golden nugget.

When Six Sigma proves that the “Just Do It” answer was not the right answer after all – that’s a golden nugget.

When Six Sigma is used to fix your measurement system so that your business decisions are now based on good data – that’s a golden nugget.

When your financial contribution from Six Sigma projects exceed your annual goal by over 70% – that’s a golden nugget.

When your toughest naysayer thanks a Black Belt for solving an unsolvable problem – that’s a golden nugget.

The true riches of Six Sigma are usually found one golden nugget at a time.

May your Six Sigma Pot O’Gold be filled with lots of golden nuggets on this St. Patrick’s Day!

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  1. Eric Hughes

    Are continuous sampling plans (MIL-STD-1235B) applicabable to individual processors or only to the overall process?

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