You, Too, Tube?

I never cease to be amazed at the amount of information that’s “out there” on the web. I searched on “Lean Six Sigma” and got about a million hits. “Process Improvement” – 3.6 million.”Change Management” – 6.2 million. “Project Management” – 32 million.

But lately I’ve been using an additional source of information-the ever-growing on-line video repository. There are several web sites out there that offer this resource, and so I have lately been amusing myself (in my spare time) by looking things up on the video sites – such as, names of statistical analysis software, phases of Six Sigma, and Lean tools. It is amazing what is available.

Now, I still feel that I have to review the videos carefully – just like I would an article that I was reading – to ensure that it conveys an accurate message or example. But, the last time someone asked about statistical software training, I actually recommended a video site – NOT something I would have done until recently – as well as giving info about the vendor’s training program and the software tutorial under the “Help” tab.

So the question of the day is, do any of you routinely mine this source when you are looking for information about process improvement tools and concepts? Should this be part of our search protocol when we “go to the web” to look up information? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

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  1. michael cardus

    the search for truth is a challenge.
    when looking for valuable sources you often have to shift through the high amount of fuzz out there.
    I often wonder who is there to check the facts, also the more noise the more challeging it becomes to see what works.

    This arena of falling to the lowest common denomitor of 6S training creates a lack of credibility for all consultants.

    All it takes is one bad 6S program and a company quickly develops a internal myth that 6S sucks and we already wasted our time on that.

    So in closing you tube is great for pirate TV shows and the occasional viral video…also for self promotional videos.

    Always check the quality and place your mind in a state of doubt until you can find some area of certainty of what is being said = meaning place the video into a process and explore your process

  2. gchadha

    Yes, I check Youtube in my spare time for finding information on quality and process management. There is a wealth of serious as well as funny related info on Youtube. The best part is you can also see and listen to the "Quality Gurus" whom you didn’t get a chance to see while they were living.

    Enjoy, Cheers!

    (Gurbachan Chadha)

  3. KDM Events

    I absolutely use You Tube as a resource when searching, my homepages are you tube and google, because there are so many things that you can learn from videos. It’s much easier with video, actions speak much louder (and clearer I think) than words.

  4. George

    I have used Youtube for several years now as a valid research tool. In fact my blog post last Friday was Paul Akers’ interview on Fox News… where he preaches Lean.

    Great stuff on YouTube and other video sites.

  5. Sue Kozlowski

    Hi all, thanks for adding your comments! Michael, I absolutely agree with you about checking the source – in fact I teach that concept in one of my management classes, showing how a scientific study, showing that there was no significant difference in a pre-natal study, was "discovered" by the press with some headlines claiming that pre-natal exercise is a cure for pain at childbirth!

    Gurbachan, you bring up a great point about the opportunity to see historical archives, as it were, of great contributors and founders of quality thinking.

    KDM Events and George, thanks for telling us about your use of videos – I wonder how soon we will be seeing these references on papers and articles!!!
    Sue K.

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