Continuous Improvement for 2006

How the time has flown!

The Cox-Box is nowentering its second year since creation. I’ve received some honest feedback on the content and the characters as the strip evolves…Thanks to you who have given feedback.

But as any good Black Belt would promote,I need to strive for Continuous Improvement and,as Ido inmyprofessional role as a Process Excellence Advisor (which is why I became a Black Belt), I want to improveThe Cox-Box.

The Cox-Box, whichstartedas afun hobby andpass-time has become a fun passion (which many hobbies can become), that hasme dailylooking for new ideas and events that happen so I can turn them into cartoons foryou to enjoy. Which I hope you do.Creating The Cox-Box haschanged my paradigmthrough which I see and experience ordinary events, even BBQ’s -(see cartoon below, and the one to come)

Feedback this week has once again prompted me to give the Six Sigma Guy a ’real name’… not the first time I’ve received this feedback.

A big part of me wouldlike to give him a name, but once a name is given I know it must stick for as long as the cartoon strip exists. As any parent will tell you picking names for you children is a big deal,asit should be!In a strangeway I feela similar pressure to get the name for Six Sigma Guy just right…It’s got to be one that ’fits’ the Character. So, those of you have been following the strip here on the Blogs and those who have seen it iniSix Sigma magazine, I’d like to hear your suggestions for names.

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To all of you who havecome to enjoyThe Cox-Box (and even to those of you who don’t enjoy it)I hope your 2006 is a significant improvement over 2005.


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  1. Six Gun Sigma Cowboy


    I am a new "Six Sigma Guy" and I have just discovered "Cox-Box". I love it! You have asked for feedback so I will offer you this:
    My company is also new to the world of Six Sigma. I got alot more value form the earlier versions of your cartoon because the concepts were basic to the level of knowledge needed to get the humor. Can you do more like these that I may share with the plant to get interest and buy in? One suggested theme I will pose to you would be a joke about the number of new terms and acronyms that are used with Six Sigma. My first project team would really think that was funny! Also, may I save your comic strips and put them up as an ice-breaker in my team meetings? I’ll be sure to have your name on them.
    Thanks, Six Gun Sigma Cowboy Six Gun Sigma Cowboy

  2. Gary

    Howdy Six Gun Sigma Cowboy:

    Sincere thanks to you for your comments; I really do appreciate the fact you can relate to the cartoons. I know you have received a reply from iSix Sigma on the use of the cartoons and I hope your team finds them funny.

    When it comes to my cartoons I use the following for my ’in process indicators’:
    1. Feedback from those who lead projects (BB & GB) who relate to the experiences of Six Sigma Guy.
    2. That those who are new to Six Sigma learn something about Six Sigma and share that learning.
    3. Smiles of those who read them. (Which, although I can’t see, you mentioned would likely happen when you share them.)

    I will take note of your desire for me to produce more of the ’learning’ type cartoons and you can expect some more on that theme.

    I very much appreciate you taking the time to add a comment to this blog site. Keep on viewing the site, and feel free to share your experiences with me… I will give credit when a cartoon is developed from a ’contributed story’.

    May your project produce stable and capable processes!


  3. Six Sigma girl

    PLEASE DON’T GIVE HIM A NAME…there have been so many times in my BB career I have heard… may we need one of those six sigma people… so often we are nameless in our organizations.. that no name is so very appropriate… please …. no name!!!

  4. NY Trainer

    My vote is for no name also. That’s the reason he is applicable to anyone is that he could BE anyone. At times we all feel like SSG, and can relate, laugh and forget the day-to-day for a minute. By naming him I feel like we lose part of that.

    Keep up the great work. We all love SSG (and you).

  5. Gary P Cox

    Six Sigma Girl & NY trainer

    I’ve just returned from a Black Belt conference that was sponsored by the company I work for. There were 70 Black Belts in both the Lean and Six Sigma disciplines. It was a great conference.

    As I networked with my co-workers and fellow BB’s and we shared experiences (and cartoon ideas) the topic of giving SSG a name was also raised. Some were for, some were against giving SSG and ’Boss’ real names.

    After the feedback from then and from those who have responded to this blog, in the end I am now more fully convinced that not giving him a specific name is the right choice. Mostly because of the very reasons you both stated.

    The very fact people have an opinion on if he (or the characters) should have names is good to hear, it tells me that the strip has hit the mark in how SSBB’s relate to it.

    So, to you both, and the many who have expressed the desire that SSG remain ’generic’ in name, I would like you to know his name will remain ’generic’…Six Sigma Guy.

    Thank you both for expressing an opinion.


  6. The Secret Celebrity


    Would it be possibel for me to use your comic strips in creating awareness in my company about six sigma. This is a particularly new platform in our continuous improvement. I would like to integrate it to my communications e.g. posters and other marketing peripheral

    Carpe Diem

  7. GaryPCox

    Hi Carpe,
    Thanks for your inquiry.

    I am working on production of posters and other retail products for the Cox-Box. Keep watch on this blog site and the iSix Sigma store, there on their way!

    As for use of Cox-Box cartoons you find on this blog site you can click the ’Request Permission" and make your request known and we will respond.

    Generally speaking, if it is not for commercial use and used one time we’ll grant permission without problem.

    The Editors at iSix Sigma and I will let you know.

    Best regards,

  8. lin

    hi Gary
    learn a lot from your works.
    i am here to express my best wish to you.


  9. GaryPCox

    Thank you Lin,

    I so appreciate it when people comment on my cartoon strip.

    I hope you keep on viewing them and learning!


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