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To start ’07 I’m conducting a LOC (Laugh Of Customer) and if you are a regular visitor to this Blog site I’d like to know if you have a favorite Cox-Box cartoon you’ve appreciated, and if so which one it is. If you’re so inclined,if you wouldinclude why it is your favorite that would be very much appreciated (although not required).This feedback will provide me with some insight into what will make future cartoons relevant to you, the readers.

With iSixSigma and I partnering in a 2007 Cox-Box Calendar (I hope you ordered yours because although I have a personal bias, I think they’re some of the funnier cartoons I’ve created since creating the Cox-Box) we’re off to a great start in 07.

I acknowledge ’06 was a good year for Six Sigma Guy and his workmates in large part because of Mike Cyger and the iSixSigma team, and Keith Curtis, supporting my creative efforts.

Thanks to all you who visit the blog site and share my joy and passion for Six Sigma and try to see the humorous side of leading Continuous Improvement projects.

All the best for 2007,


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  1. QualityColorado


    Your cartoons are terrific. Your 2-cartoon series from May 2005 regarding people who lie on surveys is still my all-time favorite, because it combines the hazards of surveying with the pitfalls of data analysis — both of which I run into with almost every breath I take!

    Keep up the terrific work!

    Best regards,

  2. Mike Carnell

    This will be pretty self serving on my part. I like November 28, 2005, "Vacation With the In-Laws Through the Valley."

    Danielle’s comment was cool.

    This data point probably doesn’t help the LOC much.

    There was a post way back on the Discussion Forum that was something like "We completed continuous Improvement a couple years ago. We are looking for the next big thing." I would think that could be spun into something pretty good (by someone more humorous than myself).

    I have the calendar. Very nice work.


  3. GaryPCox

    Hello Mike and Quaility/Colorado

    Thanks for the comments. Two data points can hardly make a run chart but at least their both heading in the same direction!

    Great cartoon idea Mike on the ’Next Big Idea’… the wheels are already turning on that one.

    Glad you like the calendar.

    Do keep me posted.

    All the best in 07,

  4. Robin Barnwell

    Hi Gary

    My favourite in 2006 was "patient care system requirements". I also enjoyed, "hidden factory", "money belt", and "project team selection".

    Happy New Year!


  5. Mike Carnell


    If you search the old posts by Vinny he had one of the funniest responses I have seen on the Discussion Forum. Some person asking advice and he responded with something like "Thats what I would do – tell them I was getting advice from annonymous people on the web." His was much more humorous.

    Another situation:One of my guys, Ulices, was working a copper operation in RSA. The PO asked him if he had ever worked on Cpper before. Ulices said he had (we worked Escondida in Chile – large enough to seen from space – a million tons a day). So the PO asked if he had worked electro-whining (this is the dance we go through when they are trying to do the "we’re different"). Ulices said he had. The PO (arriving at the process area) pointed to the process and asked "have you ever seen one this big before?" Ulices responded "I have never seen one this small before." Every place you go there is that train of questions until they find the one where you say no and that leads to "we’re different."

    Happy New Year

  6. GaryPCox

    I really do appreciate your comments guys, thank you very much for them.

    Six Sigma Guy will experience some of your shared thoughts and ideas as he leads his Continuous Improvement efforts with Boss and Teammates. (That means your ideas will make it into cartoons in the future. – ‘thanks credit’ will be given where due).

    I’m looking forward to Six Sigma Guy, his Boss and Teammates taking on lots of new ‘projects’ and ‘CI initiatives’ in 07. I try to keep an inventory of cartoons (not LEAN I know) but you can be sure I will evolve the lives of all characters in the coming year to incorporate your suggestions.

    All the best,


  7. ISLSS

    First, I want to thank you for all your humorous antadotes, here is an experience I had the luxury of being in the right place at the right time.

    I was working as a Black Belt in an business that provided computer repair services. The company had recently annouced its launch of a six sigma deployment and that learning to listen to the voice of the customer was now its #1 objective – or something to that effect. Well that motivated a customer to call our service helpdesk and request to speak to the six sigma VOC person – so they transferred the call to me without any further inquiry – let the fun begin.

    The customer proceeded to decribe a perceived problem with his modem card. "When I pulls it out of my running laptop, it can be very hot." He had heard that the computer components worked better cool so he carefully been placing his card into a plastic bag and storing in his freezer, "and now the this morning, the modem doesn’t even work" – he wanted to ensure we knew his "voice" and that as a customer of ours, he expected better lasting quality products. That when we send him a new modem to please include the proper storage bag that should be used to cool the device in the future – better yet – how about we make it less hot!!!

    – You gotta love your customers!

    Steven Bonacorsi

  8. GaryPCox

    Hello Steven,
    Thanks so much for story, I can see a great cartoon in the making. I really like your closing ’"You gotta love your customers!"; That would be a good caption for just about any cartoon regarding customer servcie calls.

    As I read your story I thought of a guy with his lap top sitting in one of those walk-in coolers, on the phone to customer service, with the caption ’the PC’s working fast enough, but I seem to be slowing down!"

    So if you see it come to life in a Cox-Box cartoon, Ill be sure you get the ’thank you credit.’

    Keep the stories coming.



    How much coffee and toothpicks a day do you consume?

  10. GaryPCox

    I’m not sure I understand why the question, however to offer you a reply:

    Coffee… 1-5 cups a day +/-4

    Toothpicks… None, however often my eyes are held open by the dialogue on the Discussion Forum or Blog entries and comments… which is where I get some ideas from time to time.


  11. six sigma guy

    I liked the cartoon about the abandonment rate which is so cool because we faced the same problem here in my company an it was so refreshing to see such a cartoon..way to go cox box..

    -Six Sigma Guy


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