The Milestone

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  1. Meikah

    This is so funny! I get your point that communication—clear communication even—is very important in any situation. We wouldn’t want to do what’s otherwise specified. That will be very embarrassing! (I like your cartoons here. Would you mind if I feature some of them on my blog?)

  2. Gary P Cox

    Hello Meikah.
    Thanks for your comments. I’m glad you enjoyed this cartoon and some of the others too.

    The cartoons that appear on this blog site belong to iSix Sigma and I in partnership, so I do not make the final decision. I will ask the editor and director of this website to contact you.

    Keep on watching this site for new cartoons every two weeks. We are also planning a Cox-Box calendar for 2007, so watch for that too.



  3. Meikah

    Ok, I understand. Thanks Gary!

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