Project Selection Process Map

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  1. Gary

    Thank you Sue, I’m glad you and your BB buddies enjoyed the cartoon.

    If I can be so bold as to put in a shameless plug for the Cox-Box calendar coming out in 07, I know you and your team would enjoy the new single-frame, never published, cartoons we’ve selected for it. Check out the website:
    or the promotion in iSixSigma magazine.

    I’ll keep using my personal BB experience into cartoons for readers to enjoy.

    Feedback like yours is very much appreciated.

  2. Sue Kozlowski

    This had me laughing out loud. We’re currently in the selection phase for our next group of projects, so it really hit the spot. I pointed this out to my BB buddies – now we’re all rolling on the floor. Many thanks for sharing your creativity!

  3. zola cao

    haha, very interesting…this really happen in our daily SS operations.

  4. Tammy

    This is great, thanks gary for making these tools more interesting. Perhaps you can have a whole series of such comics on how to use the six sigma tools .. like a fish bone diagram, multi voting etc …



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