Six Sigma Coffee Mugs

Six Sigma Coffee Mugs

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  1. Sue Kozlowski

    Hi Gary, this strip made me laugh. I thought of some slogans for the back of these mugs: "Got Control?" and "No hypothesis proving until this mug is empty!"

    It also reminds me of a little warm-up joke I made up for a recent presentation, based on the half-full / half-empty glass of water.

    – Optimist: The glass is half full.
    – Pessimist: The glass is half empty.
    – IT: Don’t put that near your computer.
    – Finance: Can we buy a glass that’s half as big for less?
    – Accounting: Can we charge just as much no matter how full it is?
    – HR: Hey, we should offer water as a benefit to our employees!
    – Six Sigma Black Belt: What’s the p value for the t test that the water volume is equal to the empty vollume?
    – Lean leader: We have capacity for twice as much water in that glass.

    Just thought I’d pass those on. Thanks for your continuing illumination of our process-improving world!

  2. GaryPCox

    Hi Sue
    This is great! I think it would make a great cartoon strip and I will work on it this weekend… I’ll be sure you get the credit for the idea.

    I often search the blog sites and discussion forum looking to generate new ideas and find out what’s on the minds of those who visit the iSix Sigma site. Your contributions are appreciated.



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