Tough Times

Tough Times

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  1. MBBinWI

    Gary: Hit the nail on the head – again!

  2. gary

    This was a tough one for me to publish. Satire can be very ugly at times…

    Thanks for viewing my cartoon strips. I do appreciate the feedback.


  3. Jorge

    Ja, ja, ja, always funny. In Mexico I think some Companies really think that.

  4. Sue Kozlowski

    Thanks Gary, I sent the link to all my laid-off Black Belt friends, that really hit the spot. What a paradox – in the midst of the US government calling out for healthcare reform and corporate efficiency, companies suddenly have no use for the very people who could help them do that!

    When I was laid off I was told, "Six Sigma is a best practice that we can no longer afford." (Fortunately, I am once again gainfully employed.)

    It reminded me of the saying, "We can’t afford to do things right the first time… We can only afford to do things wrong, and then pay to have them done over again correctly, while we’re also paying for service recovery."

    Thanks for a creat cartoon,
    Sue K.

  5. GaryPCox

    Thanks Sue,
    I would think with the skill set that BB’s bring to a company to enhance quality and lower costs they’d be in hot demand.

    By the way, You can now become a friend of Six Sigma Guy on Facebook.

    Have a Happy Holiday!


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