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  1. youknow

    That was the least funny comic I have ever seen.

  2. GaryPCox

    Sincere thanks for the feedback.

    While I try to make every Cox-Box cartoon funny I appreciate that not everyone hits the mark. Some are satirical in nature and may come across with a point that just isn’t funny. This is one of those. Truth is, many good projects do not get approval to proceed simply because the budget holders do not approve the seed money, or ok to pilot, with a solution because of managing cost. That was what this cartoon was trying to relay.

    On a personal bright side, this was my 97th blog posting, not including the 36 cartoons that have appeared in iSix Sigma magazine, or the 24 in the Cox-Box calendars in 07 and 08. So, as I see it: I’ve published 157 Cox-Box cartoons…. If a defect is ‘not funny’, and the opportunity for a defect is one with every cartoon published I’m fortunate enough to be operating with a ‘funny yield’ of 99.36%, or a process sigma of 3.99

    While I hope to live long enough to produce a million Cox-Box cartoons it will mean I will produce 6, 369 defects, or ‘not funny’ cartoons if I were to reach 1 million Cox-Box cartoons. That doesn’t sound to acceptable to me… So, I’ll try harder!

    Thanks for the feedback, be sure to let me know of the ones you DO like too!

  3. AndrewKennett

    Well it gave me a sad grin — at least for me VOB is way louder than VOC :(

  4. Laura

    Hey Gary,
    I love your cartoons and I wish you reach 1million cartoons. That way we will find out if you reached the target.

  5. Grace

    I like all of your cartoons here and they are very funny and impressive. I would like to give you some ideas if you are willing to make it into the cartoons.
    I am teaching Six Sigma, and there are lots of topics can be used.

    Wish to read more and more!


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