Employer Help

This page features frequently asked questions and their associated answers for iSixSigma Job Shop.

If you don’t see your question/answer listed below or you are experiencing a problem with the iSixSigma Job Shop, send your detailed question to us.

Is there an “Employer Manual” for using the iSixSigma Job Shop?
Yes. Click Employer Manual and browse by tab.

How many candidates meet my criteria?
Because we focus on the Six Sigma industry, we have the largest database of Six Sigma candidates in the industry, much larger than the general employment websites. While we don’t know how many of those resumes fit your criteria, we can say that if your candidates are out there you’ll find them here.

How fresh are the resumes in the Job Shop database?
The candidates themselves maintain their resume information. In addition, iSixSigma sends out a quarterly newsletter to all registered candidates describing important developments in the Six Sigma marketplace and reminding them to keep their resumes up-to-date. Finally, as a maintenance procedure, iSixSigma purges all accounts that have not been accessed within a reasonable period of time.

How much does the service cost?
The Job Shop’s service ranges in cost from $149 to $1,699, depending on the type of account you choose.

Does a membership auto-renew?
Each service is paid for and approved by you manually. There are no auto-renewal membership options.

When you pay for a membership and it approaches expiration, you will be notified of the pending expiration. At any point, you can sign into your account, view your subscriptions, and renew any memberships you desire.


How quickly will I get resumes?
If you select an account type that offers the resume search option, you can begin getting resumes immediately. If you post a job, the posting is immediately promoted within the candidates section of the site. Postings will appear in Job Alerts and iSixSigma newsletters and on the various websites according to their publication schedules and procedures. Your response, of course, depends on the market’s interest in your posting.

Can more than one person at my organization access an account?
The iSixSigma Job Shop assigns accounts on a per-user basis, which means that we cannot have more than one person sign into a single account or share access to a single account. You are welcome to share your credentials to an account, but we do not recommend this and cannot be responsible for lost job postings, applications that are misclassified, or modifications to your saved candidate resumes.

How well do you protect security?
Our staff takes your security seriously. Our data center is both physically and logically secured in ways typical of large corporate or governmental data centers. All sensitive customer payment data is sent over industry standard encrypted protocols and stored appropriately by our credit card processor who specializes in secure Internet payment processing. Backups and system upgrades are automated, and confidential data can only be accessed by iSixSigma staff.

What information is available when I search the resume database?
When you search the resume database, you can access everything listed on a job seeker’s online resume:

  • Name
  • Contact information (email address, telephone numbers)
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Certification and source
  • Industry background
  • When the candidates last updated their resume
  • And much more

How hard is it to use the Job Shop?
The Job Shop was designed to be easy to use. When you sign into your account, your job postings are listed from newest to oldest and allow for easy update, reposting or deletion. Candidates responding to your postings will contact you according to the instructions you provide in each job posting. The Resume Search requires you to fill out a simple web page form, and the results are provided immediately.

There is a comprehensive help system available, and email and telephone support is also available to all clients.

How confidential will it be?
Employers have the option of making a specific job “company confidential.” This type of posting doesn’t reveal who posted the job, their email address, or any contact information. iSixSigma is not responsible if an employer accidentally includes identifying information in the job posting itself.