2021 Shingo Showcase at Abbott China

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Jan 27 - Jan 27

Shingo Showcases give you access to the inner workings of a Shingo award recipient company that exemplifies excellence. They are one-day events that include an exclusive company tour and a Shingo Model overview that will teach (or refresh) the basics of the Shingo Model™, why it’s important, and how it can help you make organizational excellence sustainable. In addition, you will be able to speak to senior leaders at the host facility that will share their do's and don'ts in transforming your own organization.

  • Refresh your training and mental picture of "great" all in one value-packed day.
  • Take a tour through a Shingo Recipient facility that exemplifies operational excellence.
  • Talk with company leaders about their continuous improvement journey, missteps, and break-throughs.
  • Learn how to use the Shingo Model to transform your culture into a continuous improvement mindset.