4 Ways to Find Hidden Costs in Your Manufacturing Business

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Oct 21 - Oct 21

What business KPIs should I be tracking? How can we reduce scrap? What are our product levels? How can I gain a better understanding of machine downtime?

You might be asking questions like these so your manufacturing business can keep pace. With changing customer needs, fluctuating costs, unpredictable events and competitors, how you use every asset influences your competitive edge — so it’s time to find out how to utilize one of your most important resources: your business data.

Join the webinar, 4 Ways to Find Hidden Costs in Your Manufacturing Business, to find out how you can identify saving opportunities by:

  • Bringing data from your production machines, ERP and other sources into one view
  • Viewing employee or machine efficiency
  • Tracking earned hours
  • Monitoring scrap rates

You’ll also hear from a manufacturing executive about how they leverage data and the impact it has on their day-to-day business operations.