Beyond the Sticker and the Certificate (Ensuring Better Measurements and Reducing Risk)

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May 11 - May 11

We encounter measurements in everyday life, starting with the time on our alarm clock, volume of water for our morning coffee or tea, temperature of our refrigerator and freezer, water pressure in our shower, noise level settings for our video conferencing, electricity to power our homes and devices, scale to track our weight gain during the pandemic, luminance levels in our lights, and more. For product-manufacturing companies, specific tolerances must be met so that parts properly fit and products function. We give truly little thought to these measurements until something goes wrong. Sometimes products and parts fail due to faulty measurements.

What can we do to improve our measurements and lower our risk of costly and deadly failures?

There are international quality and technical standards which provide guidance in these areas. Join us and learn what you can do to ensure better measurements and reduce risks.

Webinar Objectives
What calibration is and why it is critical to everyday measurements.
The basic differences between ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025.
The basics of reading and interpreting different types of calibration certificates.