Design for Six Sigma Black Belt

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Jul 22 - Jul 26

SigmaPro’s industrial Design for Six Sigma Black Belt (DFSS BB) training and certification curriculum has been created to enable our graduates to successfully lead and contribute to new product development projects and activities. Each topic presented contains information, tools, and methods that Black Belts can immediately apply in manufacturing and design environments. Our goal is to develop comfort and competence in the use of Six Sigma tools for product and process development.

This 15-day program will provide future DFSS Black Belts with skills in the application of numerous statistical and design tools as well as a product development acumen that is required to lead new product development efforts. A DFSS Black Belt’s knowledge must also include how to identify, prioritize and select opportunities in product and process development for application of Design for Six Sigma principles. These topics will be covered at the beginning of the program.