Easy Analysis of Interactions with Analysis of Means (ANOM) Slice Charts

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Jan 22 - Jan 22

This event will take place at 2:00 PM CST.

Classical interaction plots can be difficult to interpret, especially when there are more than two levels per categorical factor. Analysis of Means (ANOM) and the ANOM slice chart together can enable one to easily interpret effects in the presence of an interaction. The analysis of means (ANOM) is a multiple comparisons graphical procedure developed by Ellis Ott. The key idea is that ANOM uses a decision chart to compare means, rates, proportions, and variances. The chart makes it easy to assess both statistical and practical significance and may be used with one-way & two-way studies. The ANOM slice chart is an extension of the ANOM chart developed by Peter Wludyka. With the slice chart you create a one-way ANOM chart of one factor for each level of the second factor, making it much easier to visualize the interaction effects. John Noguera and Peter Wludyka extended the concept to binomial and Poisson data.

John Noguera is Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of SigmaXL, Inc., a leading provider of user-friendly Excel add-ins for Lean Six Sigma tools, statistical & graphical analysis and Monte Carlo simulation. John leads the development of SigmaXL and DiscoverSim with a passion for ease-of-use, practical & powerful features, and statistical accuracy.

John is a certified Six Sigma master black belt and was an instructor at Motorola University. He co-developed Motorola’s External Six Sigma Green Belt program which utilized the SigmaXL software tool. John was fortunate to have started his involvement with Six Sigma being mentored by the originator of Six Sigma, Bill Smith. John has specialized in teaching statistical methods and consulting in the implementation of Six Sigma Quality – with a focus on practical application with return on investment, in manufacturing, service and transactional areas. Since 1989, he has provided consulting and training services to more than 5000 black belts, green belts, managers, engineers, and business professionals throughout the world.