Factory Efficiency – How to Become Lean, Green and Save Money

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Oct 27 - Oct 27

Almost every business is facing pressure to become more sustainable.  It might be coming from your customers, your employees, your investors, or from your own vision of what you’d like to do. And you may fear that increasing pressure.

You may fear that increasing pressure to be more sustainable will drive up your organization’s costs. However, the opposite is often true: Sustainability and factory efficiency go hand in hand, leading to cost savings and customer satisfaction.

We have put together a panel including Autodesk, Trane Technologies, ProModel and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to share ways you can use digital simulation tools today to drive efficiency and sustainability from the process level to the factory floor, as well as discuss research on new processes that may change the industry tomorrow.

Some of the key topics we will cover include:

  • How sustainability and factory efficiency trends may impact you
  • How to leverage simulation to select better performing and less costly materials
  • Factory level simulation tools for greenfield and brownfield plants that save material and energy
  • Cutting-edge research on energy signatures, ways you may be wasting energy today, and pioneering solutions for the future

See how technology can help you simultaneously reduce your energy use, material waste and labor, as well as enable a switch to recycled materials. Plus bring your own questions about sustainability for our vibrant Q/A.